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USC's history of major NCAA infractions

The Trojans have been punished six times for significant rules violations. A look at their five previous cases.

June 10, 2010|By Baxter Holmes

USC's athletics program has been punished six times by the NCAA for major infractions. Southern Methodist and Arizona State have faced major sanctions eight times, the most since the NCAA began tracking cases in 1953. Eight other schools have been punished seven times.

A look at USC's five previous cases:

2001 — Tutors committed academic fraud by writing academic papers for football and women's swimming athletes. Penalties: two-year probation, scholarship reductions.

1986 — Improper distribution of complimentary tickets, recruiting contact, minor recruiting inducements and out-of-season practices and tryouts in football program. Penalties: two-year probation, scholarship reductions, recruiting limitations for coaches.

1982 — Focused on ticket scheme used to funnel cash to football players. Allegations also included academic fraud, improper employment and eligibility. Penalties: three-year probation, two-year postseason ban, two-year television ban, recruiting limitations for coaches.

1959 — Football players received air transportation beyond what is permitted by NCAA rules. Penalties: two-year probation, two-year television ban, one-year postseason ban.

1957 — Football players received monthly cash allowances from an outside foundation. Penalties: two-year probation, two-year television ban, one-year postseason ban.


Arizona State 8

Southern Methodist 8

Auburn 7

Florida State 7

Memphis 7

Minnesota 7

Oklahoma 7

Texas A&M 7

Wichita State 7

Wisconsin 7

✭Nine programs have been penalized six times, including USC and UCLA.


Big 12 … 55/39

Southeastern … 49/32

Pacific 10 … 42/26

Big Ten … 41/19

Atlantic Coast … 34/17

Big East … 30/9


Arizona State … 8/4

California … 6/4

UCLA … 6/3

USC … 6/6

Washington … 5/3

Arizona … 4/2

Washington State … 3/1

Oregon … 2/2

Oregon State … 2/1

Stanford … 0/0

Source: NCAA; reporting by Baxter Holmes, Los Angeles Times.

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