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What they're saying about USC sanctions

Quotes regarding the NCAA penalties that have been levied on the Trojans.

June 10, 2010|From Times staff reports

"We will accept some of the penalties imposed…and will appeal those penalties that are excessive."

—Steven B. Sample, USC president

"I think it would be a pretty big uphill battle for them to be successful on appeal."

—Mike Glazier, attorney who is an expert on NCAA infractions process

"The process of self-scrutiny must [ask]: What went wrong? What should we do differently?"


"We will continue to play championship football and we will continue to recruit the best players in America to come here."

—Lane Kiffin, USC's first-year football coach

"I am disappointed by today's decision and disagree with the NCAA's findings."

— Reggie Bush, Heisman Trophy-winning running back at center of NCAA's investigation into USC football

"The university didn't know. We didn't know."

— Pete Carroll, former USC football coach, referring to allegations Bush and his family received improper benefits

"It was the right thing for our program moving forward."

— Kevin O'Neill, USC's basketball coach, commenting on the university's decision to self-impose penalties on his program

"The whole idea of 'lack of institutional control,' I haven't seen any of that since I've been here."


"It was a good day. He's thankful it's over."

—Jim Darnell, attorney for former USC basketball coach Tim Floyd, who was not named in findings of violations

"I'm a little disappointed, but USC will always be USC and bounce back."

—Robert Woods, Trojans' football recruit from Gardena Serra High

"I feel bad for Woods....He's going to have two years of no bowls. He's such a great kid."

—Serra Coach Scott Altenberg

"It's a big deal. As of right now I'm still USC, but my options are open and I have to see what's best for me."

—Jordan Payton, Westlake Oaks Christian receiver who has committed to USC

"I don't think anyone expected it to be this harsh."

—Giovanni Di Poalo, incoming freshman offensive lineman from Ventura St. Bonaventure

"It doesn't have any bearing at all. I hate to see what happened to USC, but it's not going to deter us."

—George Farmer Sr., whose son, George Jr., is a Serra High receiver being recruited by USC

"It's hard. It slowly trickles down. Practice is different because there are fewer good players."

—Longtime college assistant football coach Gary Bernardi, who was a coach at Arizona when the Wildcats' program was penalized

"It is certainly newsworthy."

— UCLA football Coach Rick Neuheisel

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