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Credit card firms say consumers side with them on merchant fees. Oh, really?

June 18, 2010|David Lazarus

The survey also finds that 75% of consumers oppose "Wall Street reform legislation overall if it results in consumers having to pay more to use a debit card and mandates minimum payments on credit cards," which, again, the legislation does not do.

The survey was conducted by phone among 1,000 people age 18 and older. It works its magic by presenting respondents with hypothetical scenarios involving the reform legislation and asking whether they favor or oppose such outcomes.

Bill Sheedy, a senior Visa executive, said in a statement that the survey's results are conclusive.

"Consumers are sending a very clear message to Congress: This amendment is wrong and amounts to nothing more than a government bailout of big retailers at the expense of hardworking Americans," he said.

"These same retailers have lobbied for more than a decade to force consumers to pay their reasonable cost of doing business and the American public clearly sees through this latest cynical effort."

Takes one to know one, you could say.

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