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Letters: Lakers' flags are flying

The parade isn't until Monday, but fans are already celebrating the NBA title.

June 18, 2010

This is really just and proper? The NCAA looking back several years, determining that actions by a player's family were violations and then severely punishing the current group is like, well, the police reviewing old traffic tapes, discovering that I speeded in 2005 and suspending my sister's driver's license.

Rick Wallace



To me there is one major issue: Should the university know? USC and Pete Carroll should have known.

Ed Lau

Rowland Heights


I understand USC's right to appeal sanctions that it believes are too severe. Still, I have to wonder if Mike Garrett's assertion that "there was nothing but a lot of envy" in the report and Lane Kiffin's repeated claims that lost scholarships won't hurt recruiting because of the power of USC is the best way to seek leniency from the NCAA. It seems that showing a little humility and contrition might have been smarter. Wasn't this kind of prideful arrogance part of what got USC in trouble in the first place?

Joe Scaccia



Unlike my fellow Bruins fans, I was not praying for the probation fairy to strike USC down. I was hoping that our team could elevate its play to the level of the Trojans. At first, I thought that we would never know if our team could have caught up with them without sanctions, but I realize the converse is true. If they can't catch USC now, we'll know they never could have, and perhaps never will.

Hans Ghaffari

Santa Monica


Miami, Alabama, USC...

Maybe the NCAA has lost institutional control.

Michael Beatrice


Cap, not Cup

Helene Elliott makes some very valid comparisons between the Blackhawks and the Kings ("Kings are following Chicago's blueprint," June 11) in her column.

However, no one should compare Hawks owner Rocky Wirtz with the owners of the Kings. More important, I don't believe that Mr. Wirtz institutes his own salary cap for his hockey club that is below the NHL cap, unlike AEG, which owns the Kings.

The Kings will never win the Stanley Cup under AEG ownership, which is only interested in developing the area surrounding Staples Center.

Howard P. Cohen

North Hills


Why the uproar over Vladimir Shpunt? The Kings have had a mystic follower for years who shies away from media attention and prefers not to attend games while others defend his curious behavior. Unfortunately for fans, he is also the team owner.

Isabella Matzel

Los Angeles

It's a kick

Tuned in to the World Cup, trying to achieve a degree of interest in soccer, but the constant blaring of horns in the background, which collectively sound like a swarm of bees, made me switch channels, since to turn off the commentary would have made it completely boring. You would expect that ABC Sports would be able to filter out that disruptive and utterly annoying sound!

Rivky Sabina

Los Angeles

Sports fans with insomnia, throw away your remedies. Soccer is back.

Frank Thomas Murphy



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