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Boycott BP? Not so simple

June 28, 2010|Ronald D. White

"Business is about the same," Raouf said. "We try to make our customers feel welcome. I have customers who have been coming here for years."

Some customers said they weren't boycotting BP.

"Am I supposed to buy from the 'good' oil company? Which oil company would that be?" Calvin Jones, a process server, said as he filled up.

Rob Hudson, a 33-year-old unemployed construction worker, came to Raouf's Arco station because its regular gasoline was as much as 30 cents a gallon cheaper than nearby gas stations'.

"I wish I could afford some outrage," Hudson said as he pumped fuel into his old Dodge Coronet. "That must be a good feeling."



Under the BP umbrella

BP's businesses include:

Gas stations: About 22,400 retail outlets worldwide, including 11,500 in the U.S., under the names BP, Arco, Amoco and Aral (Germany)

Convenience stores: About 1,200 AM/PM mini markets, primarily in the western U.S.

Motor oil: Castrol brand

Restaurants: About 1,000 Wild Bean cafes in Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, specializing in coffee, baked goods and sandwiches

Refineries: Sixteen refineries, owned wholly or in part, including one in Carson

Alternative energy: Eight wind farms in the U.S., including one at San Gorgonio Pass near Palm Springs

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