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Kramer considering changing relationship with coach

The speedskater said it was possible a new coach could be joining him before the Sochi Games in 2014. In the 10,000 meters, his current coach sent him into the wrong lane, costing him the gold medal.

March 01, 2010

Dutch speedskater Sven Kramer is considering hiring an additional coach after a disastrous error by his current one cost him a second gold medal.

Kramer said Sunday he was not planning to dump Gerard Kemkers but may add another coach to his team for the 2014 Games.

Kramer won the 5,000-meter race in Vancouver. In the 10,000, Kemkers sent him into the wrong lane during a crossover deep into a race he was well on his way to winning. More miscommunication cost the Dutch team pursuit a spot in the final.

-- associated press

Cross-country ski

Petter Northug of Norway won his fourth medal of the Games, his first gold, in the 50-kilometer race on the last day of competition. He used his patented late sprint to beat Axel Teichmann of Germany. Johan Olsson of Sweden took the bronze.

James Southam was the only U.S. entrant to finish the race, coming in 28th.

-- John Cherwa

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