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Race to the Top and California; City Atty. Trutanich and the supergraphics; pushing through healthcare reform.

March 09, 2010

Let's fix the economy, create private-sector jobs and deal with the nation's unfunded liabilities. Then we can reform our healthcare system at a reasonable cost using free market principles.

John H. Heinrich
Rancho Palos Verdes

After wasting valuable time and sending many of his staunchest supporters, like me, into a state of depression, Obama seems to have found some of his backbone.

We elected him because he advocated programs this country has needed for decades. The last year left some of the main goals -- including healthcare reform -- unfulfilled.

Let's have a vote and, if the majority (51 senators) agrees with the legislation, let's pass it. If eventually we fail, those of us who believed and longed for change will at least have the satisfaction of knowing that we tried to act on our beliefs.

If the American voters are opposed to the idea, they have the right and the power to vote the president and his party out of office.

Edgar Nell
Los Angeles

Re “Anthem becomes Obama’s Exhibit A,” March 7

The Times reports that Karen Ignagni, the head of America's Health Insurance Plans, "can barely contain her anger. She says Democrats have reduced the healthcare debate to sound bites."

As I set aside my gut reaction in an effort to write a letter that actually can be printed, I respond as follows:

* A heartfelt thanks to Anthem for pushing healthcare reform forward.

* Ignagni has more guts than a rabid pit bull.

* I am entirely ready to have the health insurance industry downsized or eliminated completely. (Join the more than 10 million other good people who are wondering how to change careers and make more with less. It builds character.)

To those who make death threats and send hate mail to the executives at Anthem/Wellpoint: Don't sink to their level. Let the insurance companies set the baseline for moral depravity.

Jonathan Mathosian
Manhattan Beach

A vote for Grant

Re “Bill would put Reagan on the 50,” March 3

It surely would be wrong to displace Ulysses S. Grant from the $50 bill -- or any honoree from any bill.

Those who would honor Ronald Reagan should start a movement for another bit of currency.

I suggest the $3 bill.

Rex D. Walker
Los Angeles

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