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Fast Track

March 25, 2010|Denise Martin

"The Hills" go bye bye. Finally. (EW)

It's official: "Sarah Palin's Alaska" goes to TLC. It will premiere by the end of the year. (THR)

The balcony is closed. Roger Ebert reflects on the cancelation of "At The Movies." (Chicago Sun Times)

Roger Culp has died. (LAT)

"Ratatouille" director Brad Bird may take on the next "Mission Impossible" film, his first live-action project. (THR)

The title of "Lost's" finale episode revealed...and it's no big deal. (TV Guide)

A short story about death and life by James Franco. (Esquire)

An artist is suing Green Day for ripping off his face. Just read on... (TMZ)

Screaming tweens force Justin Bieber to leave his own record release party. (Page Six)

Glenn Beck to James Cameron: It was a joke, you knucklehead! (The Big Picture)

Lady Gaga breaks another record: She's the first artist whose music videos have been viewed 1 billion times online. (Mashable)

The final season of "Hannah Montana" premieres July 2010. (Reuters)

Angela Bassett joins the cast of "Green Lantern." (Variety)

With Megan Mullally's abrupt departure, the Broadway revival of "Lips Together, Teeth Apart" has delayed previews. (Variety)

We Are the Fallen (formerly Evanescence) debuts songs with new lead singer "American Idol" contestant Carly Smithson. (SPIN)



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