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Lakers' postseason has been about messages received and delivered

From Ron Artest to Phil Jackson to even LeBron James' elbow, it's all about the tweets.

May 09, 2010|Bill Plaschke

From Salt Lake City

With the Lakers' postseason having soared, stumbled and smirked its way to a possible halfway point — seven wins down, nine remaining — I must now fulfill my duty as a professional journalist covering a professional team.

I have wrapped myself in my white shawl, shut my yapper, and uncovered three weeks' worth of lost tweets.

@RonRonPhoneHome: Everybody mocks my Twitter tantrum, but it worked, I found my shot Saturday night in Oklahoma City.

@RonRonPhoneHome: We weren't in Oklahoma City?

@OldManTriangle: I was worried about Artest's three-point shooting, I should have been worried about his inbounds passing.

@DFish: I'm still not sure where Artest was trying to throw that inbounds pass.

@HomesickAriza: I used to make some pretty good plays on inbounds passes.

@RonRonPhoneHome: I was throwing an inbounds pass?

@DFish: All together now …"Utah fans stink …Utah fans stink."

@DWilliams: All together now …"Fisher flops …Fisher flops."

@JoshWho?: Nobody flopped like the Utah Jazz fans in that dance contest in the middle of Saturday night's game.

@BillPlaschke: The winner was apparently having some sort of seizure.

@DWilliams: What does Josh Powell know about dance contests?

@JoshWho?: Hasn't anybody ever watched me working our pregame introductions dance? The Rockettes move less.

@RonRonPhoneHome: I used to play for the Rockettes.

@JoshWho?: Did you notice Ron Artest doing a 360 spin running off the bench during Saturday night's pregame introductions?

@RonRonPhoneHome: Those were pregame introductions?

@BoyGeorge: Kobe, loved that photo shoot.

@ RuPaul: Kobe, I need my makeup artist back.

@MotherTeresaMissionariesOf Charity: Kobe, we need our habit back.

@QuakerOatmealGuy: Kobe, um, my hat?

@BrunoKobe: Would somebody please Photoshop a smile on my face?

@KerPau: Would somebody please Photoshop Kobe throwing a pass?

@BrunoKobe: In the last second of the last game in Oklahoma, I fed Pau Gasol with the year's best pass.

@KerPau: Whatever.

@LeBron'sElbow: Hey, Kobe's finger, you think you know pain? You don't know pain.

@Kobe'sFinger: At least I don't make my man whine and cry and shoot silly free throws.

@LeBron'sElbow: See you in the finals, finger.

@Kobe'sFinger: Only if you have a ticket to Orlando, 'bow.

@BrunoKobe: Of all the injuries I'm struggling with this spring, nothing has been fractured more than my ego.

@KerPau: There's lots of time left to become a champion leader again.

@BrunoKobe: Have you been watching me since Game 4 in Oklahoma City? That's what I'm trying to do.

@ThunderFans: We've been standing here cheering for a week. Can we go home yet?

@CraigCalloway: Nobody has hit a bigger shot this spring than me, that $235,000 halfcourt bomb.

@RonRonPhoneHome: Now that's my kind of shot selection.

@BrunoKobe: I've got nine more chances to win a game like that. I will. Just wait.

@OldManTriangle: I don't need to watch Kobe to know he's playing well. We communicate telepathically.

@InkStainedWretches: When Phil Jackson has a problem with Kobe Bryant, why doesn't he just tell him?

@OldManTriangle: You try talking to Kobe this time of year. Have you seen his teeth?

@FullOfBulls: This is Jerry Reinsdorf pleading for Phil Jackson to come home.

@OldManTriangle: When my contract ends this spring, I am probably going to either re-sign with the Lakers or not coach at all.

@BossesDaughter: What are you saying, honey? I've been telling everyone you would coach anywhere.

@OldManTriangle: You're just trying to get your dad to pay me more.

@BossesDaughter: At least enough for a ring.

@BracedBynum: My point total Saturday night resembled a ring.

@OldManTriangle: That's not a good thing.

@BracedBynum: It's been difficult for me to focus since certain writers in this town inducted me into the basketball Hall of Fame.

@)BracedBynum: I actually stayed upright for an entire game, I think that's what did it.

@)RonRonPhoneHome: Who is Andrew Bynum?

@FansBehindEveryBasket: Hey Mr. Kardashian, Mr. Kardashian!

@Mr.Khloe: The thing I like about all the chants I've heard this postseason is their originality.

@OldManTriangle: What would really truly be original is for Lamar Odom to have an impact game from start to finish.

@RonRonPhoneHome: Lamar Odom plays for us?

@TheJoker: I need the Lakers to keep winning, their playoff games are the only time I get to act anymore.

@AndyGarcia: Me too.

@Zebras: It's amazing how a courtside seat and three Oscar awards give Jack Nicholson license to scream at us like a fool.

@MsOdom: Hey, I'm also famous, what do I get?

@BillPlaschke: Credit for distracting one of the most important Lakers into a dangerous funk?

@LamarOdomShoulderAndKnee: Hey, put the blame on us.

@RonRonPhoneHome: Just five more wins and we're in the Super Bowl.

@KerPau: Todos aqui estan locos.

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