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Letters: Downtown L.A. hotels could try luring locals

May 09, 2010|From The Los Angeles Times

Some advice for downtown hotels

Regarding "Urbane Renewal" by Christopher Reynolds [May 2]: Why don't the downtown L.A. hotels offer a getaway package for local residents? The hotels could tie it into a concert or sports event and pick up their getaway guests at their door and whisk them to the hotel. Granted, these hotels would lose their huge parking fees, but they may entice even more Angelenos to have a staycation.

David Reid, Hollywood

Of planes, pets and allergies

Regarding "Fido Takes Flight," On the Spot [May 2]: I have allergies, and I get headaches and start sneezing uncontrollably when I am around dogs and cats.

Catharine Hamm did not mention about the pet defecating and urinating under the seat. The odors would be horrible. I do not want to sit through a flight smelling that.

I have nothing against Fido, but I think animals have been given way too many rights. I know I am a rarity in a city where it seems everyone has a dog or cat. I have health concerns. When is this going to stop?

Perdita Kennedy-Brown, Los Angeles

The Pinnacles of camping

I thought it unfortunate that Tom Bentley did not include information on camping in Pinnacles National Monument ["And Baby Makes Three," April 25]. It seems likely to me that people interested in visiting the site, whether for the condors or hiking, would be likely to choose this option rather than a $200-a-night B&B.

Carolyn Perry, Santa Monica

Editor's note: Campround reservations can be made at or by calling(877) 444-6777.

Quite the catch

I wish to commend David Ulin on his fine tribute to the Manhattan of "Catcher in the Rye" [" 'Catcher' in Manhattan," May 2], at once an enjoyable travel piece and insightful literary criticism. It may please him to know that his article is assigned reading in Mr. Schmidt's English 1 class at Loyola High School in Los Angeles, where my sons, along with all the freshmen, are currently reading the novel.

Kathy Barreto, Culver City

Editor's note: Teacher Jason Schmidt adds, "I have found that the map has really given students some rich insights into Holden's wayward nature.... It has certainly been a great piece for deepening my students' understanding of Salinger's work."

I just wanted to congratulate David Ulin on his excellent article on J.D. Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye," one of my favorite books. I never thought about retracing Holden Caulfield's steps, but next time I get to New York, I will give it a try.

Joe Canon, Canoga Park

For a G-rated flight

Regarding "G for Gee Whiz," On the Spot [April 11]: The next time you find yourself in a situation where your children are being exposed to adult or inappropriate material, fight back!

Bursting into a loud, lively chorus of "Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round" is sure to draw the attention of the cabin crew as well as other parents and kids on board. You can agree to quiet yourself and your children when the other passenger agrees to change the channel.

Chloe Reid, Lakewood

Viking cruises to top

We were cruising on the Viking Europe when the volcano erupted in Iceland. We were three days into our journey, and the news of no flights in or out of Europe was spreading fast. Passengers were anxious about what to do when they disembarked. Viking River Cruises took the position that, if we could not fly out, it would transport us back to the Viking Europe, and we would begin the journey again (free). When the flights returned, it would bus us to the airport. This was such a relief and helped all of us enjoy the rest of our cruise. We think Viking River Cruises made a very wise decision and eased the anxiety of its passengers. It deserves a big thank you.

Frank Yost and Lynn Mattice-Yost

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