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Letters to the editor

Who's regulating offshore oil drilling; the City Council and landlords; another look at a crash landing in the Hudson

May 11, 2010

I have also had the experience of serving on accident investigation boards. Some of the recommendations of the National Transportation Safety Board reported in The Times are what one would expect from a committee working in a well-lit, air-conditioned room with no time pressure.

Lester L. Krause Jr.
Fallbrook, Calif.

Fighting about Okinawa

Re "Another battle of Okinawa," Opinion, May 6

News flash for the military: World War II is over. There are no more German U-boats in the Atlantic; the Russians have gone home from East Germany; and the last Japanese soldier surrendered almost two-thirds of a century ago.

Still the Marines insist on keeping an air base in Okinawa.

Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan — the countries we should really be worrying about — lie 3,500 miles to the west of Japan. How many suicide bombers can Marine pilots pick off from Okinawa? Where are our priorities?

Bill Livingstone
Santa Barbara

Anyone who calls America an "empire" should look up that word. Empires don't oust totalitarian regimes and allow repressed citizens to choose leaders via democratic elections.

Chalmers Johnson says the presence of U.S. soldiers in Okinawa created a "subculture of bars, prostitutes and racism." He also accuses the U.S. of displacing indigenous peoples against their will and trashing the environment. His talking points reflect the hateful rants of an anti-American fringe left.

Pat Murphy
Pacific Palisades

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