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LETTERS: Chely Wright, Jewish Federation and 'Babies'

May 15, 2010

I commend Chely Wright's courage in coming out ["Ready to Face the Music," by Geoff Boucher, May 7]. If she has, indeed, committed career suicide, at least she will have gained an authentic life. Country music fans who choose to abandon her abandon themselves in their shallow judgment.

The line that struck me most from the article is Chely's: "I have been a good steward of my life." I suspect if there is anyone at the pearly gates when she arrives, this is what they will ask, not, "Who did you sleep with?"

Jeanine D'Elia

Granada Hills


I hate to be cynical here, but ... honestly, do you really think that Chely

Wright's coming out does not have anything to do with the downward spiral of her career since her only (as far as I know) hit back in 1999? And her new book and album coming out?

One must question the timing of it, really, coming before her latest attempt to pull herself back out of obscurity. To compare herself and her work to the likes of Lucinda Williams and Rodney Crowell is a stretch, at best.

Andrew Fleischmann

Santa Barbara

A stand on Jewish Federation

Re "New Life for Jewish Journal," by James Rainey, May 12: As president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, I take offense to Bill Boyarsky's statements that "the Federation is an overpowering old institution" and that we're "very reluctant to take a stand."

The Jewish Federation has the strength of community that enables us to fund critical programs and services, both locally and internationally. This includes partners from across the entire Jewish population of Los Angeles, of all ages, geographies and beliefs. In fact, our primary goal is engaging an even broader and more diverse constituency of community partners in helping the federation shape a shared vision of our future. The work we do today is extremely relevant, and our goal moving forward is to make a much greater impact in the lives of the individuals and families we serve.

Anyone who's paying attention can see that the federation takes a stand every day. Whether it be standing up for Jewish people around the world, helping victims of the Haitian earthquake, lending a hand to those in Tennessee displaced from their homes due to the recent floods or numerous other examples I could cite, the federation is quick to respond with both financial and human resources, often on a nonsectarian basis.

On behalf of our community, I want your readers to know the facts about the Jewish Federation and not be led astray by Mr. Boyarsky's unfortunate comments.

Jay Sanderson

Los Angeles

Baby steps past Hollywood

Re "A Bundle of Joy," by Betsy Sharkey, May 7: "Babies" is reviewed as a PG film "filled with laughter ... children surrounded by love ... perfectly paced ... free of disappointment and pain ... overflowing with love ... the result is irresistible."

What? No sex, guns, torture, profanity, explosions, rapes, murders, fights, nudity, car crashes?

"Babies" certainly wasn't made in Hollywood. Who'd want to see this film?!!

John Holmstrom


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