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A man's attempt to deal with his wife's death; healthcare reform; a royal wedding in Britain

November 19, 2010

A well-told tale

Re "Walking away from grief," Nov. 14

Congratulations to Thomas Curwen for crafting a beautifully written account of one man's experience that strikes a chord within all of us.

The writing not only brought the reader inside Gary Ferguson's personal grief but also shared with us his journey through this pain to a more peaceful place. Thanks to The Times for giving the space for this finely crafted article to be printed in its length and depth.

I look forward to reading the next article by Curwen.

Bonnie Knight

Long Beach

This story reads like literature.

After suffering a similar loss of my wife of 38 years from a drunk driver, the introspective quotes Curwen presents from Ferguson and the other sources had me in tears all of Sunday.

Thanks for the touching experience.

Ron Carpol

Beverly Hills

Parents, children and the Iraq War

Re "Pages of pain for Army mom," Column, Nov. 17

Very few people, including myself, can relate to Jane Bright's pain. Her right to make some sense out of her son's death is hers alone and should not be argued. Thank you for sharing her story.

There are, however, thousands of other grieving moms and dads who feel very differently than Bright. They choose not to place blame or to hate others, and they believe that their sons and daughters died valiantly serving their country in a just cause. As with Bright, it's their indisputable right to feel that way.

But Steve Lopez diminishes Bright's tragedy by mixing her story with his personal assertions about President George W. Bush's conduct leading up to the Iraq War. There are those who would oppose any war, and those who would see war as the answer to any problem. Most of us lie somewhere in between.

History, not Lopez, will write the final story on this conflict, who the heroes are and who the villains are.

Steve Morton


Most mothers and loved ones of slain service members will take the emotional route of least resistance, many times convincing themselves that this war was justified and necessary and that their loved one did not die in vain.

I honor this mother for being true to her son and standing up against the immorality of this invasion and the many lies leading up to it. That is the greatest and most loving way she can honor his memory.

Luis Mon

Laguna Niguel

On his TV book-promotion tour, President Bush's main defense of his invasion of Iraq is that no one hit us after 9/11.

None of the softball interviewers have bothered to follow up with the obvious question: "But we lost more American soldiers in Iraq than people were killed on 9/11. How can you justify that?"

I totally agree with Bright. Anyone who buys Bush's book is just contributing money to a man who is responsible for thousands of needless deaths.

Al Sheahen

Sherman Oaks

Partisanship on healthcare

Re " GOP is spoiling for a healthcare fight," Nov. 15

I just turned 65 and am now on Medicare. My wife is 56 and still needs private insurance. We just received a letter from her insurance company explaining what changes are occurring because of the new healthcare law.

The ones that will affect us are the removal of the lifetime benefit maximum, no more out-of-pocket costs for preventive care, and elimination of the annual maximum on essential benefits. And this is just the beginning.

Do Republicans really want to repeal these? If they want to cut costs, my answer is Medicare for all.

Ed Sinderman

Porter Ranch

One of the most disturbing and tale-telling remarks I have read lately is that "Republican leaders and strategists think a renewed battle over healthcare will help the party expand its electoral gains and drive President Obama from the White House."

What a sad statement. It is all about politicians' desire for power and control rather than doing the job they were elected to do. Am I the only one who saw the word "healthcare" in that sentence?

I dream of a day when our elected officials actually work for the good of all Americans rather than for political gain.

Marlene Bronson

Los Angeles

Colonists just don't get it

Re "Prince William pops question," Nov. 17

The entire article on Prince William and Kate Middleton is riddled with cartoonish sneers at Britain, its people and customs. Its apparent intention is to get sly laughs at the expense of the Brits rather than reporting on the pleasure the news brings to most people there.

I am an expatriate who keeps close contact with my homeland, a frequent visitor, and one whose son is a science teacher at an English community college.

Ronald Palmer

Port Hueneme

On a day when the president of the United States bestows the Medal of Honor on Army Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta, your paper (my paper!) gives top billing to Britain's new royal couple. What possessed you?

Prince William is engaged. Oh my God!

Soldier receives Medal of Honor. See Page A11.

You guys blew it.

John Karem

Aliso Viejo

Citizenship has lost its meaning

Re "In-state tuition benefit upheld," Nov. 16

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