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Clippers' Chris Kaman hopes to return to lineup next week

The center says he pushed things with his sprained left ankle in practice earlier this week. Kaman plans to stay behind when the team travels to Phoenix for Friday night's game against the Suns.

November 25, 2010|By Lisa Dillman

The great thing about an interview with Chris Kaman is that you never quite know where it might go.

On Thursday, it started with injuries and moved on to prodigious pie eating.

First, the injury. Kaman pushed things, a bit, with his sprained left ankle in practice earlier this week. He hopes now he will return to the lineup next week.

"The true story is I kind of jumped the gun," Kaman said before the Clippers' game against the Sacramento Kings. "I was feeling good and I was walking around feeling good. So I thought I was going to be good to play sooner than later. I tried to go out there two days ago to do some stuff.

"I can't jump off it yet like I want to without a lot of pain. I can do single-leg toe raises, can't do many single-leg jumps. I'm working on getting more strength now."

He is going to stay behind and not travel with the team to Phoenix for Friday night's game against the Suns. The good news is that the swelling in the ankle has decreased and his range of motion is almost back to normal.

So is his appetite. Kaman's pie intake the last couple of days has been All-Star caliber-ish.

"Half of a pumpkin [pie]," he reported. "Quarter of a banana cream, and a quarter of a chocolate cream. I ate all that in one sitting."

And he's not done yet, clearly looking forward to more food late Thursday night.

"When I get home I'm going to eat some pizza and some more pie," Kaman said.


Clippers Coach Vinny Del Negro thought Baron Davis (swollen left knee) might return to action next week.

"We want to get a couple more practices out of him and see exactly where he is before we put him out there," Del Negro said.

Del Negro has been saying it is easier to teach the players, coming off a win.

"When you win, it seems like the sun comes out a little brighter, the food tastes a little better," he said. "Things seem to run a little smoother. Attitudes are a little bit better. I really do feel it's a good time to teach."

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