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Chicago Bulls vs. Celtics at Boston, on Friday

This is a compelling matchup, even if all the attention will be on LeBron James' return to Cleveland on Thursday

November 27, 2010|By Mark Heisler


Friday, 5 p.m. PST. TV: ESPN

I'm skipping Thursday's ballyhooed return of LeBron James to Cleveland on principle — what, you've never seen anyone get booed? — even if the game itself could be good with his old supporting cast, which goes all-out for new Coach Byron Scott, psyched to the gills.

I prefer a matchup based on basketball appeal, which the Celtics have and the Bulls bring with Derrick Rose, now rocketing into superstardom.

The Celtics are the Celtics, tough, physical and ogres on defense.

The Bulls are in transition, awaiting Carlos Boozer's return but looking promising under new Coach Tom Thibodeau, who designed the Celtics' defense.

If Boston hates/fears the Heat, Magic and the archest-rival Lakers, the athletic Bulls have battled the older Celtics on even terms since their exciting 2009 seven-game first-round series and would love to get on the list.

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