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Academy looks to move 2012 Oscar ceremony up several weeks

The change, designed to keep the show relevant and boost ratings, depends in part on the NFL and could mean voters watching contending films on computers.

October 05, 2010|By John Horn | Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Michele Robertson, an award strategist and academy member, said some studios might move up the release date of their year-end films and reduce their "for your consideration" advertising if the Oscars are held earlier.

She also said she was uneasy about online streaming. "The key is to make sure that you don't lose sight of the films -- and that you can enjoy them the way they are supposed to be seen," Robertson said.

Davis said some academy members are worried about watching movies on their laptops and desktops. "There has been some concern expressed about the visual quality on computers," Davis said.

He said that after the NFL announces its decision on adding games and the academy reviews its options, the Oscars nevertheless might stay in their current place on the calendar.

"There are sets of circumstances," Davis said, "where we could say, 'Let's try to make it more exciting where we are.' "

Times staff writers Meg James and Joe Flint contributed to this report.

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