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Letters: USC fans don't like losing, defenseless trend

Trojans defense and Lane Kiffin come under fire after first loss of the season.

October 08, 2010
  • Washington running back Chris Polk breaks a tackle attempt by USC's Devon Kennard and Michael Morgan (17) in the first quarter Saturday.
Washington running back Chris Polk breaks a tackle attempt by USC's… (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles…)

The USC-Washington game was reminiscent of the 2006 Rose Bowl loss to Texas. The famous fourth-and-two play with Reggie Bush on the bench, defense can't hold, Trojans lose. Against Washington late in the game, third and four, Allen Bradford averaging 11 yards a carry, Washington's D-line is gassed, so of course we abandon what was working and pass, then miss a field goal, the defense (please excuse the misnomer) cannot hold, the Trojans lose.

Pat Haden take note, the Kiffin family is overrated and underpowered. This is more than a trend. A solid six-win season is within the grasp of the Kiffin family.

Robert J. Gagliano

Palos Verdes


Its funny being a longtime USC football fan. ... Sitting here watching Stanford vs. Oregon play the same time as USC is struggling against Washington. It seems like the USC game is the consolation game of the World Cup! Wow, how the mighty have fallen. Thanks a lot, Reggie Bush.

Patrick Drohan



The good news is the postseason ban will be lifted after 20 more games. The bad news is it won't matter if Lane Kiffin is still the head coach. His clock management at the end of the Washington game was truly incomprehensible. Failing to call any of the remaining three timeouts until the final play was inexcusable. The Trojans would likely have had more than one minute to respond to the Washington field goal if Kiffin had employed those timeouts.

Memo to Kiffin: You can't take the timeouts to Stanford!

Mark S. Roth

Los Angeles


Quotes from Lane Kiffin:

"Teams are not intimidated to play us."

"We could have closed this thing out."

"Not a situation where I thought it was four-down territory."

"If you kick a field goal there, now they've got to go score a touchdown."

Kiffin does not exhibit the courage and "we can beat you" attitude of a successful USC football coach. He is businesslike with no spirit. Thus, the team is not intimidating, does not play to win, but hopes not to lose. Kiffin may be a great offensive football mind, but his motivational and leadership skills need vast improvement.

Wayne Muramatsu



Lane Kiffin says the Trojans are the worst no-huddle defense in all of football. That speaks volumes about the job he and his father, defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, have performed since they were hired to run the football program.

Saturday's matchup against Stanford will only further expose the charade these snake oil peddlers pulled over on Mike Garrett when he hired them in the first place. Hopefully, Jim Harbaugh will have some sympathy for USC fans and will substitute the Cardinal band members into the game after the first quarter. Maybe then, the Kiffin defense will have some luck tackling the dancing tree and that girl in the white wedding dress in the middle of the field.

Johnathan Colin

Redondo Beach


After last Saturday's game, now we know the real reason the Trojans practice two-point conversions.

Howard Mationg


Trash talk

I go to a game in the Rose Bowl only once every two years on the average, so I'm no expert, but since I forgot which sand trap I parked next to, I did a lot of wandering after Saturday's game. What I saw was trash left all over the Brookside golf course — coals from a BBQ dumped onto the grass, beer bottles (whole and broken), and every kind of picnic (tailgate?) trash imaginable.

Why does the city of Pasadena put up with this? On weekdays, when golfing is allowed, is there a local rule for golf balls lodged between a beer bottle and a soda can ?

Gene Miller

Huntington Beach

Missing the point

For all of those who thought Hunter Mahan choked in the final match against Graeme McDowell on Monday, I'd like to turn the page back to the final hole of the final match of the third session on Sunday (Steward Cink/Matt Kuchar vs. the Molinari brothers).

With a 1-up lead going into the par-five 18th, neither Cink nor Kuchar could manage a birdie to halve the hole and earn a full point. Even winning seven out of 12 points on Monday could not overcome that failure of two of the top 24 players in the world on the par-five final hole.

That's where we gave the Ryder Cup back.

Sam Russell



Maybe a lot of people like Bill Dwyre just drink the Kool-Aid of international competition. The Ryder Cup, like the Davis Cup and most of the Olympics among others, make team sports of individual competition. The fabricated rivalries are intended to stir nationalistic pride for the benefit of sponsors and television (always follow the money). This is in an age of globalization, outsourcing, uncontrollable immigration and "foreign" competitors living in Florida.

Patriotism is the reason we fight jingoistic and phony wars. But the Ryder Cup? Come on.

R.E. Butler

La Habra

Blue haven

The Times deserves a commendation for civility and forbearance in covering the McCourt divorce and Dodgers stories.

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