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NFL's Bottom 10: Fear not, fans of the 0-49ers

Jerry Jones isn't much of a Cowboys cheerleader.

October 08, 2010|By Steve Harvey

This is how tough the NFC West is: 0-4 San Francisco is only two games out of first place.

And Arizona (2-2), which is tied for first, has been outscored 118-58 this season.

That's the mild, mild West, for you.

Elsewhere, Jerry Jones, owner of another flowerhouse, the Dallas Cowboys (1-2) said he told his coaches, "Let's pretend for a few days here that we're 0-3 and … feel how it would feel."

Hey, Jerry, have the Cowboys fallen that far? Isn't 1-2 bad enough?

Wreck (Record); Last Loss; Next Loss

1. San Francisco (0-4); 14-16, Atlanta ; Philadelphia

2. Buffalo (0-4) ;14-38, N.J. Jets ; Jacksonville

3. Carolina (0-4) ;14-16, New Orleans; Chicago

4. Seattle (2-2); 3-20, St, Louis; Bye

5. Detroit (0-4); 26-28, Green Bay; St. Louis

6. Oakland (1-3); 7. Cleveland (1-3); 8. Indianapolis (2-2); 9. Dallas (1-2); 10. Miami (2-2).

Crummy game of the weak: Jacksonville (2-2) at Buffalo (0-4).

Rout of the weak: Idle.

Fantasy flops: Quarterback Jay Cutler (Chicago), completed eight of 11 passes for 42 yards with one interception, no touchdowns; quarterback Donovan McNabb (Washington) completed eight of 19 passes for 125 yards with one interception, one touchdown; running back Ronnie Brown (Miami), 11 carries, 27 yards, no touchdowns.

Special citation: Against New England, Miami became first team in NFL history to allow touchdowns on a run, a pass, an interception return, a kickoff return and a blocked field goal in the same game. (Somehow, Miami lost, 41-14).

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