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Chris Dufresne's top 25 college football rankings

He and the BCS disagree about Oklahoma. And a few other schools.

October 20, 2010|Chris Dufresne

When the first Bowl Championship Series standings came out this week and Oklahoma was first, many people scratched their heads — nothing new when it comes to the BCS, which should be sponsored by a dandruff shampoo. The BCS computers must have missed Oklahoma's home opener against Utah State — and two other close games — but these things have a tendency to work out in the end. Or, become nightmares such as in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006 and '07. If you've reached the point where you can't trust any of the rankings, well, feel free to also distrust this one.

1. Boise State, 6-0: Don't scream BCS murder yet, but go ahead and warm up your vocal cords. (1)

2. Oregon, 6-0: Scout shows up and asks if he can clock Ducks' practices on his radar gun. (2)

3. Texas Christian, 7-0: Horned Frogs are basically Boise State without campaign funds. (4)

4. Oklahoma, 6-0: Rumor is BCS computers and Sooners fell in love on (5)

5. Utah, 6-0: Ready to take role in Walnut Creek musical: South (Division) Pacific (12). (7)

6. Auburn, 7-0: SEC replay man earned his wings at War Eagle summer camp. (8)

7. Alabama, 6-1: Is it me, or does Vern Lundquist of CBS/SEC say "Oh my goodness" a lot? (10)

8. Stanford, 5-1: Beat USC, only loss to team that's No. 1 in three polls. Isn't this a top-10 team? (12)

9. Arizona, 5-1: Fortune cookie injury report: "Key to bowls depends on Foles." (14)

10. Iowa, 5-1: Ready to hit Wisconsin with remake of "The Hangover." (15)

11. Michigan State, 7-0: Rose Bowl selling possible matchup vs. Boise State as "Spartans vs. Spuds." (19)

12. Wisconsin, 6-1: Ohio State reporter's first tweet back to Columbus: "What hath God Braut." (25)

13. Ohio State, 6-1: If it helps, San Jose State also lost in Madison by 13 points. (3)

14. Nebraska, 5-1: Pelini first coach to bench leading Heisman candidate during game. (6)

15. Louisiana State, 7-0: Computers not allowed to factor margin-of-Miles component into formula. (18)

16. Florida State, 6-1: Enjoying a sort-of well deserved bye week after sketchy win over BC. (16)

17. Oklahoma State, 6-0: Schedule fits to a "T": Tulsa, Troy, Texas A&M and Texas Tech. (20)

18. South Carolina, 4-2: First time Spurrier has lost his visor, mind and to Kentucky on same day. (9)

19. Arkansas, 4-2: Hogs earn WAC defensive team of week after allowing 65 to Auburn. (11)

20. Virginia Tech, 5-2: Being No. 25 in first BCS standings was not supposed to feel this good. (22)

21. Missouri, 6-0: Has lost 19 of its last 20 formal meetings to Oklahoma and once on a conference call. (NR)

22. Mississippi State, 5-2: It had been a long time since Bulldogs last croaked in the Swamp. (NR)

23. West Virginia, 5-1: Big East's mandatory representative in annual BCS All-Star game. (NR)

24. Nevada, 6-1: Lesson of Hawaii backfire: Pistol and salt water don't mix. (17)

25. USC, 5-2: Two plays from being not ranked No. 6 in USA Today coaches' poll. (NR)

Dropped out: Florida (24), Miami (23), Air Force (21), Oregon State (13).

Moved in: USC, West Virginia, Mississippi State, Missouri.

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