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October 24, 2010

'My Aunt the Werewolf'

Special thanks to Dolores Johnson for illustrating her story.

October 24, 2010|By Dolores Johnson
  • "Auntie Werewolf"
"Auntie Werewolf" (Dolores Johnson )

"Do you hear that — that wolf howl?" asked Adam.

"That can't be a wolf," said Carl. "There are no wolves in Los Angeles."

"A vampire, then," said Adam as he peered from under his bed into the hallway.

"Vampires don't howl," said Carl. "It's werewolves that howl on the full moon. Look." Both boys craned their heads toward the window. They saw the full moon in the sky.

"The person in the bathroom making all that noise is my Great Aunt Tilly. My parents left her to baby-sit us. I'm convinced she's a werewolf," said Adam.

"You're crazy," whispered Carl.

"Aaaaaoooooohhhhhh!" came the howl from the bathroom.

"Now I believe you! I'm outta here!" yelled Carl. He jumped up from under the bed and started shoveling his belongings into his bookbag. "I'll have my father come pick me up. Maybe it's not the best night for a sleep-over."

"You can't leave!" yelled Adam as he grabbed the clothes out of Carl's hands. "Don't leave me alone with her!"

"But my mother needs me!" yelled Carl.

"But I need you more!" yelled Adam.


"What's that?" whispered Carl. "Is she a werewolf and a pirate?"

"She's probably choking on a hairball or something," said Adam. "She made that noise last night, too."

"You've got it all wrong. I think she's just gargling. That's what my father sounds like when he gargles."

"Wait. After she stops that 'aaaggaaarhh' noise, she usually starts screeching. Listen."

"La-ah laaaahhhh! La la la la la la laaahhhh!"

"Wow! That's horrible!" whispered Carl. But then he uncovered one ear. "Isn't she screeching to the song, 'Blue Moon?"

"That must be what werewolves sing when they're chewing bats or gnawing on rats. She did that last night, too. In a minute she's going to step out of the bathroom. Wait till you see her," Adam said, his voice trembling.

"What do you mean?" asked Carl.

"She's big and scary! Her feet are covered in fur. She has green skin, and purple beady eyes. I can't take it anymore. I want to go home!" screamed Carl. He started stuffing the clothes on the bed into the bookbag.

"This is your home!" yelled Carl.

"And she's got sharpened teeth like a wolf!" yelled Adam. "She keeps them in the glass in the bathroom! Soon she'll come out to tear us apart as her midnight snack!"

Both boys shook in fear.

Suddenly the voice in the bathroom stopped screeching. The door opened. Clouds of steam filled the hallway.

All the boys could see was a wide figure silhouetted in the doorway.

"Aaaahhhhh!" both boys screamed.

"What's all that yelling about?" A round little old lady, dressed in a bathrobe, wearing purple glasses, her face slathered with a green cream, stepped into the light.

"Grandma, is that you?" asked Carl.

"I'm not your grandma. I'm Adam's Great Aunt Tilly."

"You look just like my grandma," stammered Carl.

"Aaaaooohhhhh!" said Aunt Tilly.

The boys froze.

"Sorry, boys. I've been trying to clear this frog in my throat all night," she said.

"You ate a frog?" asked Adam.

"No, but I am hungry. Who wants to try my famous Choconut Surprise?"

"Me! Me!" yelled the boys.

And they all went for a snack.

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