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Smart List: 'Chuck,' Season 3

Also: Sara Bareilles, 'MacGruber,' 'The Day Before' and Joaquin Phoenix

September 05, 2010

"Chuck" fans are probably already talking about it …

Fans of the NBC show have demonstrated their devotion in just about every way possible. They've hit the streets, ambushing strangers into watching the beleagured spy action- comedy series. They've created ads promoting the show on craigslist, Facebook and free periodicals. They've even consumed a hefty amount of footlong sandwiches from "Chuck" sponsor, Subway. It's a tiring job. So why not take a minute to enjoy the actual series when the third season is released on DVD? (Tuesday)

Need a break from the Katy Perry-filled summer? Talk about "Kaleidoscope Heart."

She might not write you a love song if you ask her, but Sara Bareilles probably has a few on her sophomore album, "Kaleidoscope Heart." The album, a follow-up to her debut release, "Little Voice," includes the pop-driven single "King of Anything." Some might have already taken a listen to exclusive streaming of a few tracks offered on various websites, including … Whole Foods'? Whatever works. (Tuesday)

If you like when "SNL" skits cross over into the big screen, talk about "MacGruber."

It gave us "Wayne's World" … and "The Blues Brothers." The lastest "Saturday Night Live" sketch-turned-movie was courtesy of Will Forte's character MacGruber in May. It's silly, yes, but with characters with names like Dieter Von Cunth ( Val Kilmer), who cares? Throw in Kristen Wiig (whose character has a tendency to break into song) and a celery stalk and it's comedy gold, on DVD. (Tuesday)

Need a fashon jolt? Talk about "The Day Before."

Mosey on over to the Sundance Channel and watch as the biggest designers unveil their collections at Fashion Week. The premiere episode of the second season features Diana von Furstenberg as her Fall 2010 Metamorphosis Collection makes its way down the runway. As Rachel Zoe might say, its sure to make you go bananas.(Wednesday)

Talk about "I'm Still Here." Because who doesn't love Joaquin Phoenix with a shaggy mop and a beard?

Directed by Casey Affleck (a.k.a. Ben's little bro), the " documentary" follows Phoenix's retirement from film in fall 2008 and his reinvention as a hip hop musician. Don't let the scruffy manscape freak you out. Or at least try not to. (Friday)

—Yvonne Villarreal

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