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Letters to the Travel editor

September 12, 2010|From The Los Angeles Times

Like being in Maine

After being totally surprised to see "my lighthouse" on the cover of the Travel section, I read Thomas Curwen's article on mid-coast Maine ["Etched in the Heart," Aug. 29]. He was spot-on. I own a summer cottage on Marshall Point facing the harbor. It was built for my grandparents as a wedding present almost 100 years ago. There is nothing better than sitting on the porch and watching the comings and goings in the Port Clyde harbor. Who needs to fight Route 1 traffic when you already have it all?

I then spotted Curwen's front-page article on ALS ["In Death, a Promise for the Future," Aug. 29, Page A1]. Again, I read the article in its entirety as it was interesting and very well written. The two articles were connected in a way you would never realize. My sister had ALS and passed away seven years ago. Her wish was to have her ashes scattered at our cottage in Maine by the water where the lupine bloom. And there she rests, never getting tired of the view.

Mary Ballard, Santa Barbara

Curwen captured the essence of a week in Maine perfectly. And Alfred Moses is correct: There is a very good feng shui here along the coast. Next time you visit, come to Stonington. We have many artists, galleries and art studios here. Also, you may want to try flying in and out of the Manchester, N.H., airport. It's much easier than Boston.

Katy Allgeyer, Stonington, Maine

Thank you for the great article. I am from Belfast, Maine, just up the coast from Camden-Rockport. I moved to California in 1982. My wife and I still go back for a vacation in August when we can. We also own a cottage in Bayside; it is a small village within the town of Northport. Curwen's article and pictures were another reminder of the way life is in Maine. It brought back a lot of childhood memories. Thank you for sharing the experience.

Kevin Kenney, Walnut

In his travel story on Maine, Curwen writes that his father spent his summers in that state as a "... prankster ... tipping over outhouses, shooting squirrels and sailing model boats."

Knocking over outhouses sounds more like vandalism than a prank, and shooting squirrels isn't a prank at all; it's killing defenseless animals.

Jay Berman, Manhattan Beach

Qantas went the extra mile

Hats off to Qantas Airlines. I just completed a round trip with my husband to Australia. My husband's ability to walk is very limited, and he needed assistance. Qantas was there for him, using a small wheelchair down the aisles and closing off other bathrooms while I assisted him. Not only did the airline make my fears of flying with Alex disappear, it went out of its way to go above and beyond. I recommend Qantas anytime.

Pat Smith, Fullerton

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