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UCLA develops training videos for military doctors

Physicians from its medical school also compile help a book on combat casualty care to prepare doctors for what they will see when they deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq.

September 27, 2010|By Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times

Borden Institute, a military publishing company, plans to distribute 5,000 copies of the book portion of the overall project, which is titled "Combat Casualty Care: Lessons Learned from Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom."

The DVD was introduced in August for viewing by several hundred military medical professionals at the Advanced Technology Applications for Combat Casualty Care Conference held in Florida.

The idea for a multimedia educational presentation was championed by Robert Foster, who, until his recent retirement, was a high-ranking official responsible for research projects for the office of the secretary of Defense.

When doctors began to report back to him about the medical challenges faced by the wounds inflicted by so-called improvised explosive devices, Foster gathered the bureaucratic support needed to develop a competitive grant to be offered through a program to encourage research by small businesses.

After the bidding process, UCLA and Pelagique LLC, a spinoff of the UCLA Center for Advanced Surgical and International Technology, were chosen first for a $100,000 contract to develop the project, and then a $750,000 contract to develop the videos, book and an ultrasound simulator training video.

Savitsky has shown parts of the videos to his students at UCLA to help them gain admiration for their medical colleagues in the military.

"When I show it to my residents, their jaws drop open," he said.

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