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They can't wait to leave

Are Tyler Honeycutt and Malcolm Lee ready for the NBA?

April 02, 2011

Having not learned a thing from Ben Howland, at least Malcolm Lee won't have any preconceived ideas on how to run a half-court offense. Do you make more money in the NBA Development League or as a scrub in Europe? Maybe Lee and Tyler Honeycutt should package themselves together and share an apartment to cut expenses.

Ron De Temple

Costa Mesa


Tyler Honeycutt made the right decision in leaving UCLA. How often is the recruiting class so weak that a mediocre player can still be drafted in the first round? Go on, Tyler, better take your millions before your field-goal percentage drops another nine points.

Don Geller



Of the two Bruins heading for the NBA, (one for sure, the other still teetering) Malcolm Lee's departure would trump Tyler Honeycutt's.

Lee's grit, stellar defense and consistent stewardship of the team would be sorely missed. While Honeycutt's talent might be missed, his inconsistency will not. And, if he thinks "I'll play tough and hard when I feel like it" will fly in the NBA, his "talents" will be limited to the bench.

Don't get me wrong. I wish them both well, but would beg Malcolm to stay.

Rick Solomon

Lake Balboa


Bracket busters


Richard Turnage



This Butler run has officially become one of the great sports stories in the history of the tournament. We're talking a school with 4,500 students.

By the way, another coach did pretty well after leaving the state of Indiana and moving on to UCLA. Brad Stevens is 33 years of age.

Fred Wallin

Westlake Village


Maybe it's time for the NCAA tournament committee to come clean and admit that they do not know any more than we do, and that they are just as influenced by the ESPN talking heads and the reputations of a Duke, Kansas or the entire Big East as are the rest of us.

Drew Pomerance

Woodland Hills

Stay cool

Is it any coincidence that the two Lakers without a ring were the ones thrown out against the Mavericks? Steve Blake and Matt Barnes are good players, but it was too much about showing how tough they are -- too much about "me" instead of the team.

If you want to play for the Lakers you need to think and act like a winner. Even Ron-Ron understands that.

Mike MacKenzie



It's time ...

T.J. Simers' column on Vin Scully should serve as a reminder to realize just how fortunate we are to have another season of being able to listen to the greatest baseball broadcaster of all time.

Jon White



T.J. Simers is like Matt Kemp -- so much natural talent, but he does not apply it nearly enough. On Tuesday, however, T.J. hit a grand slam with his column on Vin Scully.

Ken Feldman



Blue funk

Andre Ethier says he could be non-tendered or traded if he has a bad year? Well, welcome to the real world, Andre. But what's the worst that can happen? A misstep and you're out of baseball and have to live on only $15 million until you're eligible for Social Security?

D.G. Artis

Woodland Hills


Andre, if this is you being a leader, the Dodgers are in more trouble than imagined.

Jacob Cherub

Laguna Beach


Though his talent and potential are beyond dispute, what has Andre Ethier ever really done? His comments on the brink of the season opener are a reflection of a player who can often find a late-breaking slider but who has yet to find maturity.

Bud Chapman



I hope I'm wrong, but the Dodgers giving a pitcher a hefty extended contract is the equivalent of putting his picture on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Can you say Stanhouse and Goltz?

Paul Shubunka Sr.

Santa Clarita


Out to lunch

The McCourts will never be the O'Malleys. No one ever will. We need to get over that. I was actually a supporter until I learned how they have been using the Dodgers like their own personal ATM. If I were to be invited to lunch with Frank McCourt, my only question would be, when did it become OK to be so entitled? Now I understand how they got along so well with Manny Ramirez.

Ron Yukelson

San Luis Obispo


The Dodgers beat the defending world champs, the best pitcher in baseball, and consequently their dreaded rivals on opening day. In an amazing development they sit atop the NL West at 1-0. Frank, sell the team today and get out while you are on top, this season has nowhere to go but down. Why not leave Dodgers fans with this lasting memory?

Chris Gagliano

Redondo Beach


Elgin loses

It's ironic that for so many years Elgin gave our Donald bad advice on his team and now Elgin was on the receiving end of terrible legal advice from his team of really incompetent advisors.

Jim B. Parsons

Canyon Lake


A man of faith

I'm sure none of the players on the Auburn national championship team of this year were professional players like their predecessors who admitted they received money while being recruited.

I'm also sure Charlie Sheen doesn't drink.

John Paul White


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