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Holiday World to add record-setting water coaster - again

August 03, 2011|By Brady MacDonald | Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
(Holiday World )

Holiday World's new ride for next year is essentially the same ride the Indiana theme park added last year.

The $9-million Mammoth, destined to become the world's longest water coaster when it debuts in May, will unseat the previous title holder, Wildebeest, which Holiday World added in 2010. 

Confused? I had to do a double take when the ride was first unveiled Wednesday by the Santa Claus, Ind., theme park. I actually thought it was a joke.

But it's true. Come 2012, Holiday World's Splashin' Safari water park will be home to the two longest water coasters in the world.

> Photos: Mammoth water coaster at Holiday World

At 1,763 feet, Mammoth will be 53 feet longer than Wildebeest -- and 5 feet taller.  

Both of the ProSlide-built water coasters employ conveyor belts to ascend a lift hill before magnetic linear induction motors take over, propelling inflated rafts over inclines, around turns and through tunnels. 

The round, six-person Mammoth boats will spin as they descend the water coaster with riders seated facing inward. The toboggan-style Wildebeest boats seat four.  

This will be the third year in a row Holiday World has focused on its Splashin' Safari water park. This summer the park added Safari Sam’s SplashLand, a children's water play area with eight kiddie slides and a zero-depth pool.

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