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Michele Bachmann woos Iowa Christians, attends anti-gay service

August 08, 2011|By James Oliphant | Washington Bureau
  • Michele Bachmann campaigns Sunday in Des Moines ahead of this week's Ames Straw Poll.
Michele Bachmann campaigns Sunday in Des Moines ahead of this week's… (Brian C. Frank / Reuters )

Handing more ammunition to detractors who say Rep. Michele Bachmann has an aggressive anti-gay agenda, the GOP presidential candidate attended a church service in Iowa on Sunday in which the pastor labeled homosexuality "immoral" and "unnatural."

According to NBC News, Bachmann attended a non-denominational church near Des Moines along with her husband Marcus. She was holding her personal copy of the Bible.

Bachmann read to the congregation from the book of Philippians, NBC reported, saying, "Whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, think well of these things."

The pastor, Jeff Mullen, reportedly gave a 30-minute presentation on his church's beliefs, including its disapproval of homosexuality. He also showed a video from a man who claimed to have been gay before having a conversation with God.

The Minnesota clinic run by Marcus Bachmann has been accused of employing religion-based therapy to attempt to make homosexuals straight. He has denied the allegations.

Michele Bachmann has been wooing Christian pastors and other religious voters in advance of Saturday's Ames Straw Poll. On Friday, her campaign announced the endorsement of more than 100 state pastors and religious leaders.

"Michele has a long track record of standing firm on and fighting for conservative issues on the local, state and national level," said Pastor Brad Sherman in a release from the campaign. "She has been in the battle for decades and has shown that her core values are non-negotiable in political storms. She has earned her claim to having a 'titanium spine' on the issues we care most about."

"Michele has fearlessly taken a stand for life and traditional marriage, while championing fiscally conservative legislation," said Pastor Brad Cranston.

The Minnesota congresswoman rose to political prominence in her home state largely through her opposition to same-sex marriage. She's expected to finish in the top tier among Republican candidates at the straw poll.

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