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Fast Track: Gavin DeGraw beaten, hospitalized

August 09, 2011
  • The singer, shown here giving a private piano lesson, has been hospitalized after a beating on the street in New York City.
The singer, shown here giving a private piano lesson, has been hospitalized… (Matt Peyton / AP )

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Tuesday.

Singer Gavin DeGraw has been hospitalized after a street assault in New York City. (Los Angeles Times)

Production has finally begun on the fifth season of "Mad Men." Calm yourselves. (Los Angeles Times)

After a slump last year, gigantic concert promoter Live Nation has posted a 23% jump in profit. (Los Angeles Times)

Someone has built a real-life re-creation of the house in "Up" outside Salt Lake City. (Disney Blog)

Bravo's Andy Cohen (that guy who seems to be on Bravo every time you turn it on) is planning a memoir for next summer. (New York Times)

The people who run the financially strapped Edgar Allan Poe house in Baltimore are hoping a John Cusack Poe movie will show up outside holding a boom box over its head. (Figuratively speaking, of course.) (Los Angeles Times)

SyFy decides not to give "Eureka" a sixth season, after all. Currently filming fifth season will be its last. (Deadline)

"All My Children" creator Agnes Nixon will make a final cameo appearance on her show. (Los Angeles Times)

Arnold Schwarzenegger keeps things classy with an "I Survived Maria" T-shirt. (TMZ)

"The Wire's" Felicia "Snoop" Pearson has reportedly pleaded guilty to distributing drugs. (Hollywood Reporter)

--Patrick Kevin Day

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