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Letters: Are you ready for some NFL football?

As city makes a deal, readers have their own thoughts.

August 12, 2011
  • Raiders fans pose for pictures before the Hall of Fame game against Philadelphia Eagles at Fawcett Stadium in Canton, Ohio.
Raiders fans pose for pictures before the Hall of Fame game against Philadelphia… (Matthew Emmons / US Presswire )

So the City Council unanimously approved a new $1.2-billion stadium and promised that it wouldn't cost the taxpayers a cent.

Uh-huh. This from the free-spending politicians overseeing a bankrupt city that at one time had four (4) full-time calligraphers on its staff.

A word to the wise: If it sounds too good to be true, it's too good to be true.

Skip Usen

Santa Monica


As a longtime USC and college football fan, I have not missed having a local NFL team. I know many local football fans who feel the same way. It seems the ones who feel the most need for a team back in Los Angeles are the sportswriters, politicians, the likes of AEG and maybe the team owners.

In fact the only reason I can see for bringing the NFL back to Los Angeles would be the opportunity to give Pete Carroll an earful in person when the Seahawks are in town.

Mark Hinds



Note to Bill Plaschke ["Raiders, you aren't wanted back in town," Aug. 10]: Calm down. A dog was cooked at a tailgate party? Give me a break. With a huge Southern California legacy fan base and 13 years of proven success at the Coliseum turnstiles, the Raiders would be a perfect fit at Farmers Field. The doubtless high security there and anticipated exorbitant ticket prices will help to channel enthusiastic and well-behaved fans to the games. This is already the case at Staples Center.

As for "Raider fan" meaning rogues and rascals, that designation shifted when "Laker Fan" rioted after the last two championships. Local fans will be happy with any NFL team that plays in L.A. and if the Raiders return, the excitement and success at Farmers Field and L.A. Live is assured.

Stuart Weiss

Los Angeles


I have always maintained that Al Davis is a man of integrity: He tells you that he's going to rob you, and then he does.

Jefferson C. Romney

Westlake Village


Now that we have a stadium in place, the Rams need to come home.

Dave Moore

Santa Ana

Dodger ball

Dodgers pitcher Hiroki Kuroda, when asked about his decision to stay with the team rather than waive his no-trade clause said, "I think your self-identity is defined by certain decisions you make."

It's not hard to imagine how the events of the past few years would have been different for the Dodgers had Frank McCourt adhered to that philosophy.

Tom Hoerber



Frank McCourt's personal rating index, BS&P, Below-Standard and Poor, has been downgraded to SS&P, Stubborn, Stupid & Poor. He has accomplished one thing though that the federal government has failed at. The U.S. has lost its AAA rating while the Dodgers have maintained theirs.

Allan Kandel

Los Angeles


So James Loney, currently hitting just about .250 thinks the Dodgers can win the NL West this year. If Loney expects a raise from his nearly $5-million salary, please put an extra "o" in his last name.

Roy Reel

Culver City


Has anyone taken into consideration the people most affected by the decline in Dodger Stadium attendance? I'm thinking of the ushers, maintenance crew, concession stand workers, the vendors in the stands, parking lot attendants, and security staff.

C'mon, Frank and Jamie. Sell the team — preferably to an ownership that doesn't rip off fans and employees.

Sue Kamm

Los Angeles


Thank you Davey Lopes [Bill Plaschke, Aug. 11] for the fresh air of honesty, for saying things we all wish we had a forum for, like you. You've used it well.

Ned Shapiro

Mar Vista

Concerning Bill Dwyre's piece last week on the McCourts, this is one Dodgers fan who has been following the team on television and at the stadium since they played at the Coliseum and I will continue my own personal boycott until such time as the McCourts are history in this town. Further, with respect to the attendance drop-off reporting in The Times on Aug. 8, it looks like I'm not the only one.

Mark Bridgeford

Santa Clarita

Thanks to Bill Dwyre for saying what so many of us are thinking. But the question remains: Why would McCourt want to stay in Los Angeles where he is so despised and where his reputation is beyond repair? Is he surrounded by sycophants who tell him only what he wants to hear?

Jack Gyves

Los Angeles

Gee, I sat down to pen yet another anti-McCourt letter to The Times only to read Bill Dwyre's Friday column first.

Never mind. Good job, Bill!

Eric Monson



Ed Sabol [Aug. 6] is one of America's greatest storytellers. When we remember pro football's greatest moments, we experience the game as Sabol envisioned it. We see Bart Starr following a chilling block by Jerry Kramer on frozen Lambeau Field, Dwight Clark ascending into the sky to catch a Joe Montana touchdown pass, Vince Ferragamo throwing a perfect spiral deep to Wendell Tyler, Mark Moseley kicking into a snowstorm, and John Riggins racing down the Rose Bowl sideline in slow motion.

Sabol deserves his place in the hallowed halls of Canton, Ohio.

Stephen A. Silver

San Francisco


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