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Memories of bygone days at the Jersey shore

Block Island via the Connecticut shoreline; an enjoyable trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park; flier decries price of LAX's luggage carts; kudos for correctly naming Venice's Ocean Front Walk.

August 14, 2011

I would like to congratulate Alison Shore on her great article about Cape May, N.J. ["A Pleasant Reality," Aug. 7] and let her know that there are a lot of people from New Jersey in Southern California who know exactly what she is talking about. New Jersey might get more than its fair share of jokes; however, these jokes originate with people who have never been to New Jersey, never experienced the diner's soup in fall, the Christmas festivals in December, Smithville in spring or the iconic boardwalk in summer. She might have been there for only a week's time, yet it was enough to resurrect old memories of bygone days at the shore. My family goes there at least once a summer and has the best time. It is a different lifestyle, a different feeling and one that could be found only in New Jersey.

K. Roberts

Los Angeles

A scenic jaunt

Regarding "A Quiet Block Party" by Jeremy Kohler, Aug. 7: Take it from an old New Englander — a fun way to see the Connecticut shoreline and go to Block Island is to fly into Boston's Logan Airport, take the Silver Line airport bus directly to South Station and hop on any regional Amtrak train to New London, Conn. (about one hour and 45 minutes). The ferry line to Block Island is next to the station.

Dennis Arntz

Laguna Niguel

Lovin' Lassen

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful article by Michele Bigley on Lassen Volcanic National Park in the June 26 Travel section ["Warm Welcome From State's Volcanic Legacy"]. Based on her recommendation, my wife and I visited the area in July. We stayed in the small town of Chester and used it as our home base for two day trips to the park. While at the park, we saw gurgling mud pots, hissing steam vents, trickling creeks, roaring falls and the beautiful turquoise of Lake Helen. Part of the park still had snow on the ground (including the famous Bumpass Hell Trail), while other parts were quite balmy. Because the park is not that well known, there were almost no crowds. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will return again.

Steve Stillman

Redondo Beach

A rude welcome

I am scandalized at the $5 fee charged to rent a luggage cart at LAX. After traveling in Europe for three weeks and having the use of carts for a reasonable one euro — if not free — the outrageous fee you are forced to fork out (after all, there is no alternative) is the rudest of welcome homes.

William Malcomson

Los Angeles

Name that walk

Regarding "Beachy Keen" by Christopher Reynolds, July 31: Thanks from an 80-year resident of Venice for correctly naming Venice's Ocean Front Walk and not calling it "The Boardwalk," as do many L.A. Times columnists and reporters. Even the city councilman for the area is prone to incorrectly name it.

There never have been any boards on Ocean Front Walk.

Clark Rennie


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