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Britain's rioting; Texas Gov. Rick Perry's political donors; L.A. losing bus benches

August 18, 2011
  • British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks at a youth center in Witney, England on Aug. 15. Following four days of riots last week, Cameron spoke on the break-down of morality, family values and human rights within Great Britain. (Alastair Grant / Getty Images)
British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks at a youth center in Witney,…

Britain's real villains

Re "British leader cites 'moral collapse,' " Aug. 16

I had to snicker when I read that Prime Minister David Cameron cited "moral collapse" and a culture of selfish indifference and greed as the cause of the riots and looting in Britain last week. I think the rioters were just following in the footsteps of those higher up on the socioeconomic ladder: the bankers and investment traders who looted and trashed the economy.

Cameron's government may seek to strip welfare benefits from the looters who perpetrated such outrages. I guess the rule is: We bail out the bankers and traders who trashed our economy, and we jail the looters who trashed areas in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Let's see, which group caused more devastation? Was it the ones we bailed (out) or the ones we jailed?

Frances Hayward

Laguna Niguel

On the case of candidate Perry

Re "Perry's mega-donors fare well," Aug. 16

I am horrified by the actions of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who not only has outrageously rewarded some of his biggest donors but also, against the protests of his own scientists, pushed through the approval of a low-level radioactive waste disposal site perilously close to groundwater.

But Perry's hubris is matched by Glenn Shankle, who was executive director of the agency that approved the license to build. While Shankle now disputes the claims that the scientists tried to stop the project, he went on to become a lobbyist for the very company building the radioactive disposal site. Need one say more?

Ronald Hardcastle

Los Angeles

Anyone suggesting that special considerations were given in the licensing of Texas' low-level radioactive waste disposal site is misinformed. The Andrews community worked hard for more than 20 years to make the Texas Compact Disposal Facility a reality. We are proud to provide a responsible solution to an environmental problem that had eluded Texas and other states.

It's true that Perry signed legislation allowing a private entity to operate the facility after the state itself tried to site it four times over 15 years at a cost of about $50 million. But state environmental regulators then took another five years instead of the legislatively mandated two years scrutinizing the licensing application.

If this is special treatment, someone should demand their money back.

Julia Wallace

Andrews, Texas

The writer is executive director of the Andrews Chamber of Commerce.

I was horrified to learn that "in his 11 years in office, Perry has smoothed the path for corporate interests by stocking state agencies with pro-business appointees" and that "the achievement is not a favor here and there.... It's to create a regulatory apparatus that favors business."

How dare Perry shun the California model and attempt to create a business-friendly environment! Next thing you know, unemployment numbers fall and fewer people depend on government for their livelihood. Somebody stop him, please!

Marlena DuRon

Pacific Palisades

This article was not about GOP presidential candidate Perry but some impostor who is controlled by big spenders.

We have enough of this kind, whose only objective is to line their personal pockets and who do not act in the best interest of the country.

Carlie Harris

Harbor City

Taking the bus, without benches

Re "Riders find bus benches gone," Aug. 12

Removing bus benches is the ultimate demeaning of bus riders. Bus lines have been cut or shortened no matter the need for them. Now it's stand to wait for the bus to come. You mothers carrying babies, you pregnant women, you shoppers holding grocery bags, you people using canes, you workers bone tired after a physical job — all you bus riders who need public transportation — stand.

The City Council got red hot green-lighting the football stadium. But getting another company to provide benches — ho hum, when there's time.

Hector Tobar wrote in his last column that in L.A., it pays to be rich. It sure does. Look no further than the bus stops.

Damiana Chavez

Los Angeles

No bus benches? You have got to be kidding. Walk to your bus stop, wait for the bus. Work all day, carry as much as possible home for dinner. Walk home from the bus stop, in heat and rain.

I am furious to read that bus benches are being taken away.

Humanity, phone home!

Joan Arndt

North Hollywood

Gay rights

Re "Psychologist says teen 'snapped' and fatally shot student," Aug. 16

Once again the defense is putting the victim on trial: The gay guy asked for it. This is the same as putting the rape victim on trial.

The shooter just couldn't take the "humiliation." What do people think that many, if not most, gay kids have to put up with every day? The difference is that they don't shoot those who bully them.

Larry King was tired of taking it and gave others a taste of their own medicine. He stood up for himself.

Stanley Delfs

Cathedral City

Not healthy

Re "Judges reject insurance mandate," Aug. 13

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