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Letters: Not a heavenly week for Angels

They're sinking quickly in the AL West, and readers have their reasons why.

August 20, 2011
  • The Rangers' Mike Napoli, who was traded by the Angels in the off-season, celebrates after a home run off Jered Weaver on Thursday.
The Rangers' Mike Napoli, who was traded by the Angels in the off-season,… (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles…)

Dear Mike Napoli,

It sure was great to see you back at Angel Stadium this week. You were one of my favorite Angels and I was so sorry to see you go. I see you are doing very well with your new team. I'm sure you're far too humble to mention that you have more home runs than Vernon Wells and a batting average over a hundred points higher that Jeff Mathis. Obviously, you can leave that to me. Have a great postseason!

Ron Reeve



As the Angels fall gently away for the season, it is apparent that two important changes must be made.

One: Mickey Hatcher needs to be replaced as hitting coach. His "aggressive, first-pitch" hacking has developed more into an albatross around younger hitters that are trying to develop, and has turned the 2011 edition of the team into one of the worst offenses in the majors.

Two: GM Tony Reagins needs to be replaced, for no other reason than his panic-driven trading of slugger Mike Napoli, thus keeping tissue-paper hitting Jeff Mathis, for Vernon Wells, who has only distinguished himself for hitting .200, yet is getting paid $20 million. That is roughly $266,000 per hit.

If I was Arte Moreno, there are two choices: Raise beer prices again, or fire the guys who got the team into this mess!

Gary Grayson



Having to start a kid fresh out of double A in two critical series and Jered Weaver's suspension only highlights Mike Scioscia's pitching dilemma. The real problem is Tony Reagins sitting on the sidelines instead of filling holes on a paper-thin staff, forcing Mike into risky experiments with a division title hanging in the balance.

Ken Blake



Even though the Angels have dropped out of contention, I still enjoy watching their comical baserunning, which is why they are no longer contending.

Greg Fuller

Santa Monica


Kudos to closer Jordan Walden. He is now on the verge of closing the Angels' season.

Jimmy Corona

Diamond Bar


I disagree completely with the assertion that the Angels have to make a trade, since the guys they need to replace — Abreu, Hunter and Wells — won't be the players being replaced. Unfortunately, the Angels will have to live and die with these three overpriced/under-performing players for this season and probably next season as well.

David Olmstead



Just a quick question regarding the Angels' batting woes: Has anyone besides me noticed that Casey Kotchman is batting .332 for the Rays? While Mark Teixeira is playing for the Yankees, not the Angels who traded Kotchman for him? Sad ...

Catherine Wirtz


Miami vices

Wouldn't it be sweet justice if Mark Emmert were to appoint former USC athletic director, Mike Garrett, to chair the infractions committee that decides Miami's fate. After all, it was former Miami AD Paul Dee who decided USC's. Oops, what was I thinking? The NCAA doesn't believe in even-handedness.

John Powell

Palos Verdes Peninsula


A reporter asked Lane Kiffin to express his feelings about Paul Dee who was the chairman of the investigative committee of USC. Kiffin said: "It would take me a lot more than one or two words."

Well, I have a word Kiffin didn't think of:

"DeceitfulDishonestUnethicalLyingCheatingSelfRighteousHypocrite "

Craig Poletti

San Dimas


Isn't it ironic that USC recruit Seantrel Henderson and tight end Blake Ayles deserted the football program only to wind up at Miami?

Willis Barton

Los Angeles

Case of the Blues

I think Vin Scully should win some kind of an acting award for keeping a straight face and sounding sincere when announcing the paid attendance at the Dodger home games.

Lex Larsen

Henderson, Nev.


Don Mattingly says that he is "calling on struggling Hong-Chih Kuo only in situations in which he hopes the left-hander can have a strong appearance and boost his confidence." Then he adds, "How do we get to that without jeopardizing games?"

I might suggest, not by bringing him into a game in the ninth with the score tied against Milwaukee.

Robert C. Thompson

Marina del Rey


As a season-ticket holder for 46 years, I am as disappointed with the McCourt fiasco as everyone else. I met him when he first bought the team and had high hopes. But the current financial situation aside, I believe that Don Mattingly and the team have shown real heart and I implore the true Dodgers fans to support that spirit — not for the McCourts, but for the team and its future.

David Ankeny



How appropriate that "Chairman of the Board" Frank Sinatra's kids want a say in Dodgers Chairman of the Board Frank McCourt's future tenure as owner. One can only hope they'll serenade him with "These Boots Are Made For Walkin.' " Obviously, McCourt's constant refrain of doing it "My Way" hasn't worked out too well for anyone.

Allan Kandel

Los Angeles

Bynum speaks!

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