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Web Buzz: Travelzoo

The iPhone app helps you detect deals on flights, hotels and resorts, cruises.

August 21, 2011

Find a travel deal in your pocket, day or night, with the new Travelzoo app.

Name: Travelzoo

Available for:iPhone

What it does: Makes finding (and buying) Travelzoo deals even speedier. Uses GPS to find your current location and detect deals near you, including flights, hotels and resorts, cruises and entertainment attractions. Access the Top 20 deals, Local Deals, Deals on a Map and more.

Cost: Free

What's hot: I was drawn to the Deal Roller, which is a scrollable list of hot deals, and the Last Minute feature in the Travel Deals section. Here I found discounts of 40% and 50% off Southern California hotels, Las Vegas shows and newly renovated hotels in midtown New York priced at $199 a night.

What's not: When you click through the deal to read more or actually book, you're led to the Travelzoo website or a third-party website. No big deal, except the text on those websites is so tiny that it makes reading difficult. I hope Travelzoo releases an iPad version soon so reading will be easier.

Worth it: It depends. For the first time with an app, I was asked to insert my credit card information — making impulse buys almost inevitable. The app is free, but being excited about travel could dent your wallet.

— Jen Leo

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