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Back in the bikini? Carrie Fisher loses 50 pounds

August 24, 2011|By Eryn Brown, Los Angeles Times / for the Booster Shots blog
  • "Star Wars" actress Carrie Fisher has lost 50 pounds on Jenny Craig. She said on the "Today" show that she'd like to start wearing her Princess Leia bikini again.
"Star Wars" actress Carrie Fisher has lost 50 pounds on Jenny… (Lucasfilm )

"Star Wars" star Carrie Fisher, who has lost 50 pounds on the Jenny Craig diet plan in just nine months, had people buzzing on Thursday morning when she told the "Today" show's Ann Curry that her new body made her "want to get into the metal bikini and just walk around the house like an idiot. Answer the doorbell: 'What is it? This old thing?' "  

Yes, Jabba, THAT bikini.

The 54-year-old Fisher, who's a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, weighed 180 pounds at her heaviest and is 130 pounds now . Since she's just over 5 feet tall, that means she now has a body mass index of about 24 -- within the "normal" range.  At 180, her BMI would have been around 34, firmly in the "obese" range.

Fisher, famously, is a bit of a character, but it's still pretty hard to tell if she's really serious about answering the door in her bikini.  Easier to estimate are her odds of keeping the weight off: not great.  

Many people gain back the weight they lose by dieting -- sometimes even packing on additional pounds.  Celebrities' experiences make the case vividly.  Former Jenny Craig spokeswoman Kirstie Alley has yoyoed between heavy and slim. So, of course, has Oprah Winfrey.

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To watch Fisher on "Today," click here.

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