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Fast Track: Is Jim Carrey really in love with Emma Stone?

August 25, 2011
  • Jim Carrey has released an online video proclaiming his love for Emma Stone. Is he serious or not?
Jim Carrey has released an online video proclaiming his love for Emma Stone.… (Chris Pizzello / Associated…)

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Thursday.

Is Jim Carrey kidding with his creepy video love letter to Emma Stone? (Los Angeles Times)

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs has stepped down. (Los Angeles Times)

One of the actors from "Treme" has been found dead in the Mississippi River. (Los Angeles Times)

L.A.'s mayor says he's going to take further steps to aid the city's local film and TV industry. (Los Angeles Times)

Does someone like "the Situation" ever have a chance of getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? In the words of the walk's VP of media relations: "Hell to the No!" (HuffPost)

Ashton Kutcher visited David Letterman on Wednesday night in a helmet, bullet-proof vest and "Not Dave" sign. (Los Angeles Times)

This handy infographic has all the stats about Netflix you'll need to be interesting at this weekend's parties. (SlashFilm)

Russell Armstrong's funeral was in the Hollywood Hills, but don't expect to see footage from it on Bravo. (Entertainment Tonight)

Simon Cowell says in GQ that he's going to be frozen when he's dead. (GQ)

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are still in love and they want you to see how in love they are. (Los Angeles Times)

Not entertainment-related, but cool nonetheless: Astronomers report witnessing a star getting swallowed by a supermassive black hole. (Los Angeles Times)

--Patrick Kevin Day

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