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Letters: It's time to take Frank McCourt to task

Readers see no reason for a survey about Vin Scully.

August 26, 2011
  • Frank McCourt at Dodger Stadium during a July 4th game.
Frank McCourt at Dodger Stadium during a July 4th game. (Los Angeles Times )

If Frank McCourt took the same test the Dodgers sent fans about Vin Scully:

1. Knowledge of baseball: "A small white sphere thrown around by grown men who make me millions."

2. Knowledge of Dodgers: "Great Dodger Dogs."

3. Objectivity: "I try not to attend because it's not safe"

4. Accuracy of calls: "I never answer. It could be Jamie's lawyers."

5. Storytelling ability: "Did you hear the one about the priest and the rabbi walking into the bar? …"

6. Focus on the game: "I can't afford cable."

7. Style: "I don't understand the question."

8. Overall performance: "My Bentley runs great, thanks."

Dennis O'Connor

West Hollywood


If I were facing a court case any portion of which will relate to my qualifications for running the Dodgers, the last thing I'd ever do would be to let anybody conduct a survey to evaluate Vin Scully! With enough effort one could probably put a number on what he's worth to the company in dollars, but there are no words in the English language that describe how good he is at what he does, and what just the sound of that voice means to even the most casual of baseball fans.

Paul Ascenzi



As an acting teacher of mine likes to say, "I'm just another bozo on the bus!" but this bozo knows there are certain people you don't have to do polls on. In years past, I had the pleasure of working side by side with people like that. Jack Buck and Bob Costas (among others) come to mind.

A month or so after I arrived here, I was getting ready for the pre- and postgame radio shows for the Super Bowl between the Rams and Steelers. Vin Scully walked into the booth and introduced himself to me! As if I didn't know him by sight. I mean, you talk about a "day maker" for a then L.A. rookie...

When you're lucky enough to have a Vin Scully representing you and your team, you don't send out surveys to your season-ticket holders or to anyone else. No, when you're lucky enough to have someone like Vin Scully, you look to the heavens and give thanks.

Scott St. James

Los Angeles


Would someone please tell Steve "Psycho" Lyons that it's Matt, not "Matty" Kemp, there's a better chance of the Clippers winning the NBA title than there is of the Dodgers re-signing Rafael Furcal to "mentor" Dee Gordon, and no one wants to hear stories about the career of a player best known for almost taking his uniform pants off on the field.

Charles L. Freeman

Baldwin Hills


I just read about Andre Ethier being held out of a baseball game because of an ingrown toenail.

And I am just embarrassed for the guy. Didn't Nancy Kerrigan overcome a clubbing in the right knee with a collapsible police baton? As someone who played lacrosse for more than 20 years, I just can't imagine a grown man missing a game because of a toenail.

Tommy Johnson

Los Angeles


The Dodgers find themselves both offensively and defensively challenged at catcher this season. Why can't the Dodgers get an All-Star-caliber catcher? Oh yeah, we had one in Russell Martin and they released him.

Jeff Drobman


Dream Weaver

I was always a Jered Weaver fan, but with his recent contract extension he has moved to the top of the list. It is so refreshing that someone ignores his agent and the lure of more money to play for the team they want to play for and live where they want to live. As Jered stated, how much money does one need? Doing what is best to make one happy doesn't always involve the most money and a shark agent.

Thank you, Jered. You have set an example of a class act.

Steve Shaevel

Woodland Hills


They say that sports figures should not be viewed as role models, but Jered Weaver just established a pretty good blueprint. Jered, we are honored to have you represent the Angels, just as your actions tell me you are honored to be an Angel. Look for me at the stadium, I'll be happily clad in my No. 36 jersey.

Chris Gagliano

Redondo Beach


Good news: The Angels are closing in on behind Texas and they've signed Jered Weaver through 2016. Bad news: If the Angels end up one or two games short at season's end, blame Weaver. He's the team's MVP and maybe the game's best pitcher, but, by throwing over the head of Alex Avila, he forced the Angels to pitch Garrett Richards against the Yankees. Angels lose. Weaver misses his next start. Angels lose. Weaver gets bombed in his return after seven days of rest. Angels lose.

Terrence McNally

Los Angeles

Degree of Wie

How peculiar that Michelle Wie [Aug. 20] is criticized for wanting to complete her college degree. College has not only enabled Wie to grow up more normally after her prodigy childhood, it's also given her a solid education for the rest of her life. Rather than criticizing her, Wie should be praised as a role model for other young hotshot golfers. She's managed to get rich playing pro golf and earn a Stanford degree at the same time. She's got plenty of time to be a world-beater on the women's tour.

Steven Hendlin

Newport Beach


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