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After O'Donnell drama, Palin to go ahead with Iowa event

August 31, 2011|By Robin Abcarian

“Peter comes riding in on a big white horse. ‘You guys are gonna need a big stage and a bucolic setting.' I didn’t even know what 'bucolic' means,” Crow said. “Long story short, we’re doing all this stuff, and jumping through these hoops, up to and including ordering the bomb-sniffingdogs that we needed because he said Gov. Palin is more threatened than the president, which I find hard to believe.”

Later, said Crow, he received phone calls from Palin’s chief of staff, Michael Glassner, and her staffer Jason Recher, who handles security and crowd control for her (and who, it should be noted, managed to gracefully shepherd a crush of reporters and fans that surrounded Palin for hours at the state fair).

“They said, 'Cancel the bomb dogs, the helicopters, the SWAT teams,’ ” Crow said. “They said, ‘Look, technically, all the governor needs is a bale of hay, a bullhorn and a couple of people to talk to.’ ”

Singleton did not return phone calls and emails.

Palin plans two appearances in Iowa. On Friday, she plans to appear at a Conservatives4Palin meet-up in Des Moines. After Iowa, Palin is to fly to New Hampshire, where she is scheduled to give a speech at a Tea Party Express rally in Manchester on Monday afternoon.

So was Karl Rove right?

Stay tuned.

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