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Occupy movement moves into neighborhoods

The Occupy movement stages demonstrations at foreclosed homes in nearly two dozen states. In California, protesters help families move back into their seized houses.

December 06, 2011|By Walter Hamilton, E. Scott Reckard and Phil Willon, Los Angeles Times

Toussaint said that the department has arrested squatters taking up residence in empty homes, but that he doesn't recall a case in the city in which the former owner broke in and took up residence. He said officers, most likely, would not take action against the homeowner unless a complaint was filed.

A Chase spokesman, Gary Kishner, said he had no details about De Los Santos' foreclosure. However, he said Chase makes every effort possible to keep families in their homes and that foreclosure is "the last option."

"For every house we've had to foreclose on, we've been able to save two" since 2009, he said.

As night set, two tents sprouted up in De los Santos' backyard. A small band of Occupy Los Angeles protesters and other supporters planned to stay as long as De los Santos welcomed them.

De los Santos hopes for a resolution with Chase soon, but said he wasn't sure how long it may take or how long the protesters may stay.

"How long? Who really knows," De los Santos said.

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