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Letters: Angels get their man in Albert Pujols

Big signings push Dodgers further into the local baseball background.

December 09, 2011
  • Albert Pujols' signing with the Angels has drawn plenty of reaction from readers.
Albert Pujols' signing with the Angels has drawn plenty of reaction… (Jeff Haynes / Reuters )

St. Louis stole the Rams from Anaheim; now Anaheim stole Albert Pujols from St. Louis. Seems fair.

Richard Sieger

Valley Village


Looks like the baseball monopoly in L.A. is over.

John Davison



I'm all for our local teams going out and obtaining the best players, but paying Albert Pujols $250 million and signing him for 10 years was way overboard. First, the Angels don't even need a first baseman because they already have young power-hitting Mark Trumbo and veteran Kendrys Morales. Secondly, Pujols will be 32 at the start of the season and the lofty statistics he attained in the National League are bound to start sliding down. That could happen sooner than later.

The bottom line is that paying $250 million is too much for anyone this side of Bill Gates.

Charles Reilly

Manhattan Beach


It is incredible watching and listening to the response of Cardinal Nation to the departure of Albert Pujols to the Angels. If you are not from St. Louis and turned on the news, you might think he did something horrible such as embezzling from the Cardinals. Not only did he earn every dime he had been paid over the past 10 years, he finally realized his worth in the scheme of this industry by accepting a new deal.

Like it or not, we're in the big leagues now!

J. Michele Brown

St. Louis


How dumb is Arte Moreno? He signed one player for $25 million a year while Ned Colletti has signed six for $14 million. And that's why the Angels are the Angels and the Dodgers are, well, Kansas City.

Allan Kandel

Los Angeles


Albert Pujols is throwing his hat into the ring as one of the bidders for the Dodgers. Apparently Pujois wants to use Dodger Stadium as his workout facility in the same vein as Jamie McCourt's use of an adjoining house that has a swimming pool.

Pujois, who comes from humble beginnings in the Dominican, is reluctant to comment on the Dodger bid because he wants to be "just one of the guys" in the Angels clubhouse.

Skip Usen

Santa Monica


The Angels sign Pujols. The Dodgers are trying to sign a new owner. What's wrong with this picture?

Nothing if you an Angels fan. Frustration if you are a Dodgers fan.

Alan Matis

Sherman Oaks


With the winter meetings concluded, Dodgers fans are looking toward the upcoming season with great excitement to the some of the new marquee names like Hairston, Kennedy, Treanor and Capuano.

Let the count down to the 2012 new-look Dodgers season begin: 5,4,3,2,1 ... CAST-OFF!

Rich Sperber

Woodland Hills

Block or charge?

Every Lakers fan should send a Christmas card to Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and thank him for being the antidote to Jim Buss' incompetence.

Adam Platts



The Lakers truly need a point guard and Chris Paul is a great player, but it's not close to an equitable deal for Gasol and Odom. Were the Dodgers handling this transaction?

Paul Shubunka Sr.

Santa Clarita


Dear Lamar Kardashian,

Hey bud, quit whining, it's just business. Your family certainly understands that.

Maureen Manion

Los Angeles


An open letter to David Stern:

Liar, liar.

Pants on fire.

Eric Monson



Does anybody really think it's just a coincidence that David Stern not only chose to ruin the Lakers' Christmas with their families (again), but then gleefully added coal to their stockings by making them start the season by playing three games in three nights — all without Andrew Bynum? Thanks a lot, Derek!

Brad Kern

Pacific Palisades

The Bruins

2001: Bill Plaschke declares that Los Angeles "is, has been, and will continue to be" a UCLA football town.

2011: Plaschke lauds UCLA's effort during an 18-point loss in the Pac-12 title game.

2021: Plaschke makes an impassioned plea for Coach Cade McNown's Bruins to not be relegated out of the Pac-20, based on their (sole conference) win over Utah State and heart shown in close losses to division rivals New Mexico State and Idaho.

Mark Backstrom



Forget the 6-7 record, the third-rate bowl game and a season sprinkled with some abysmal performances. The fact that UCLA is being turned down by coaches as often as the high school nerd scrambling for a prom date tells one how far this program has fallen.

Bud Chapman



You reported that Dan Guerrero, in his weekly blog post for donors, wrote regarding his search for a football coach, "What you have read and heard is all water cooler talk."

I would like to put Mr. Guerrero's suspicions to rest. I work in an office, and I can assure him that no one standing around a water cooler, or anywhere else for that matter, is talking about UCLA football.

Judith Reel

Simi Valley


If adversity introduces a man to himself, Rick Neuheisel achieved his finest moment at UCLA after his termination by displaying uncommon grace, dignity and humility, along with commendable equanimity, while suffering in the throes of what must have been a heartbreaking professional failure.

Tom Lallas

Los Angeles


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