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Fast Track: 'Sherlock,' 'Chipwrecked' disappoint at box office

December 19, 2011
  • Noomi Rapace and Robert Downey Jr. in a scene from "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows."
Noomi Rapace and Robert Downey Jr. in a scene from "Sherlock Holmes:… (Warner Bros. Pictures )

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Monday.

Both "Sherlock Holmes" and "Chipwrecked" disappointed at the box office this weekend. (Los Angeles Times)

"Team America: World Police" is trending on Twitter after the death of Kim Jong Il. The 2004 movie was produced by the creators of "South Park." (Telegraph)

Dexter's sister Deb was in for a shock in the show's season finale. (Los Angeles Times)

Justin Bieber has never been a Belieber ... in Santa Claus. (AOL Music)

But that doesn't mean the baby-faced pop star isn't spreading holiday cheer. (Los Angeles Times)

The Kardashian family Christmas card is out, 3-D glasses optional. (Celebuzz)

Britney Spears, newly engaged to Jason Trawick, shows off her 3-carat sparkler in Vegas. (Access Hollywood)

Meanwhile, ex-hubby Kevin Federline says he's "really happy" for the pop singer and her husband-to-be. (Daily Mail)

"The Descendants" actress Judy Greer ties the knot with "Real Time With Bill Maher" producer Dean Johnson. (People)

Former Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean gets hitched to his longtime girlfriend, Rochelle Karidis. (Us Magazine)

Poet Maya Angelou is upset that rapper Common used the N-word in a song that featured one of her poems. (New York Post)

Singer Etta James has cancer, according to her live-in doctor. (Los Angeles Times)

The contents of Michael Jackson's home have sold for more than $1 million. (Reuters)

Ellen DeGeneres buys Brad Pitt's old house in Malibu for $12 million. (People)

Hugh Hefner says the Lindsay Lohan issue of Playboy is flying off the shelves. (TMZ)

-- Noelene Clark

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