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Letters to the editor

Gov. Jerry Brown's first year in office; paying for Occupy L.A.; President Obama's message on the economy

December 29, 2011

I am willing to go out on a limb and predict that the gaps between the wealthy, middle class and the poor will continue to expand according to how much each group values hard, smart work, hard work or no education at all.

Stephen Fredrick

Newport Beach

Praising France

Re "French step on genocide of Armenians riles Turks," Dec. 23

As the son of Armenian genocide survivors, I thank and congratulate the French for making it illegal to publicly deny the fact that the genocide occurred, in spite of numerous threats by Turkey.

One cannot blame the Turkish protesters, whom the government from birth has brainwashed with "their version of truth" that no respectable nation or historian accepts.

One of the protesters who carried a sign that read "my grandpa isn't an assassin" may have been right.

He may even be the grandson of one of the several Turks who saved my father from assassination.

My father highly praised those Turks and was eternally grateful.

Bedros H. Kojian


Picture stories

Re "Notable deaths of 2011," Dec. 25

Your gallery of 2011 deaths published on the day marking one of the world's most historic births was ironic, and a great Christmas gift for your readers.

In the capsule profiles of notables spanning the spectrum of good-to-bad gradations, we see aspects of ourselves. It was provocative and simultaneously depressing and inspiring. It was jarring, but hopefully your presentation will motivate readers to resolve in 2012 and beyond to live better in what little time we have in this world.

Thank you for your gift — for helping us realize that we achieve our lasting legacy through the values we exemplify.

Calvin Naito

Los Angeles

Camera shy

Re "LAPD botched use of crime cameras," Dec. 24

The Los Angeles Police Department was given $200,000 worth of surveillance cameras by the business community in 2006 and let them go to waste because it is too lazy, arrogant or [you choose] to learn how to use them?

LAPD Capt. Horace Frank explained: "We need to do a much better job ... by effecting a comprehensive strategy to monitor these cameras. I can assure the public that we are doing just that right now." I am not assured.

Nothing will ever change until public officials, including the police, are held responsible for such glaring gaps in judgment and action.

Bart Braverman

Los Angeles

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