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Government employees salaries; Orange County's ailing toll roads; Meghan Daum's praise for snail mail

February 06, 2011

When will Westside mass transit opponents realize that the lack of off-road transit options west of Western Avenue is part of why the traffic is so awful? The only way to get to Westwood, Century City or Santa Monica is by car. And commercial development on the Westside has meant that there are a lot of people who need to get there.

No one will claim that the Expo Line, a "Subway to the Sea" or the Wilshire Boulevard busway will reduce traffic; that could not happen until development is controlled. But at least these projects would give those of us who live on the Westside and the thousands more who work there alternatives to sitting in traffic.

Sarah Hays

Los Angeles

The writer co-chairs Light Rail for Cheviot Hills.

Mail call

Re "In praise of snail mail," Opinion, Feb. 3

I closely identify with Megan Daum's sentimental attachment to snail mail. But she sabotaged my 2011 resolution to de-clutter. Now how can I shred all those cards and letters I have saved for so many years?

Yes, e-mail is quick, efficient and a space-saver — it has its place — but it can never replace the intimacy of a lovely handwritten letter that can be held in one's hands and revisited for years.

Linda Linville


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