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Donald Sutherland's acting range

February 07, 2011|By Susan King
  • Donald Sutherland, right, with Elliott Gould in "MASH."
Donald Sutherland, right, with Elliott Gould in "MASH." (LACMA )


Donald Sutherland became a star in Robert Altman's 1970 antiwar classic as the irreverent surgeon Capt. "Hawkeye" Pierce, who, with fellow doctor "Trapper" John (Elliott Gould) heals the wounded and wounds his superiors.

Kiefer Sutherland

The oldest son of Sutherland began working in films in the 1980s, but hit his stride in the award-winning 2001-10 Fox action series, "24," playing the hair-triggered, take-no-prisoners, conflicted agent Jack Bauer.

'Citizen X'

Donald Sutherland earned his only Emmy Award for his acclaimed 1995 HBO movie about the search for a Russian serial killer. He played Col. Mikhail Fetisov, the supervisor of the detective searching for the murderer.

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