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Another TV reporter who had an on-air migraine tells his story -- with video of the episode

February 18, 2011|By Mary Forgione, Tribune Health
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Los Angeles KCBS-TV reporter Serene Branson appeared on "The Early Show" on Friday to discuss publicly what everyone else has been discussing: what happened during her very public migraine at a live Grammy broadcast last Sunday. Now another local TV reporter describes how an on-air migraine stopped him in mid-sentence -- and posts a clip of what happened on the station’s website.

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TV reporter Evan Dawson of ABC affiliate WHAM-13 in Rochester, N.Y., posted this video report that incudes the moment last year when he suddenly became confused during a live broadcast. "It happened September 1, 2010, during the 8 a.m. hour on Rochester's CW," he writes in an online story that accompanies the video. "I was reading the teleprompter when my vision suddenly left me. I could see nothing but sparkles and wavy lines."

The video indeed shows Dawson pausing in mid-sentence and asking for help. "I just got a little disoriented," he says into the camera before motioning to someone on the set for help. The clip is included in the story titled "Reporters suffering migraines on-air: What we can learn." At the time, the station explained to viewers that Dawson had suffered a sudden and debilitating migraine but that he was OK.

There's a big difference, Dawson says in the video clip, between what happened to him and what happened to Branson: "I knew I was suffering a migraine right away. Branson did not."

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