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Fast Track: Kathy Griffin will channel her inner Sarah Palin for 'Glee'

February 21, 2011
  • Kathy Griffin is going from "D-List" to "Glee" list.
Kathy Griffin is going from "D-List" to "Glee" list. (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles…)

Kathy Griffin will bring the "tea party" to "Glee." (TV Line)

"Inception" takes the top film sound editing Golden Reel honors. They did a good job of drowning out the sound of audience members saying "What's going on?" (Los Angeles Times)

The weekend isn't over, but it looks as though Liam Neeson and "Unknown" will win the box-office derby. (Los Angeles Times)

Actress Hayden Panettiere took a nice, quiet Lifetime movie and landed herself in a world of controversy. (Los Angeles Times)

Cartoon Network's Adult Swim is a huge success. It turns out there are more schlubby roommates with nothing to do out there than we realized. (Los Angeles Times)

Glenn Close is rumored to be playing Susan Boyle in an upcoming movie. (Playbill)

One music exec has so much Bieber fever that he took out a full-page newspaper ad in the New York Times to shame the Grammys for snubbing his talent. (Entertainment Weekly)

Is Chevy Chase's "Community" character the Tony Soprano of TV comedy? (New York Magazine)

Fallen "Idol?" David Archuleta has been dropped by his record label and management. (Hollywood Reporter)

"King of Kong's" Billy Mitchell has opened his own arcade at the Orlando airport, but there are no Donkey Kong games on the premises. (Joystiq)

A new "Toy Story" short will debut with the next Muppet movie. (Moviefone)

No doubts that the "Dead Island" trailer was tops, but is that enough to make a good movie? (Los Angeles Times)

-- Patrick Kein Day

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