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Two Guys Lose Weight: Don't knife yourself in the head to lose weight

In his quest to lose weight, Jimmy recommends not stabbing yourself in the head.

February 21, 2011|By Jimmy Orr | Los Angeles Times
  • A Chinese man who suffered headaches for four years was found to have a knife embedded in his skull. He says he didn't know it was there and previous medical examinations failed to discover it.
A Chinese man who suffered headaches for four years was found to have a knife… (Associated Press/YouTube )

The following is a blog documenting two Los Angeles Times editors' attempts to lose weight. It all began on Jan. 10.

Hey, remember that old saying, "I need to lose weight so I think I’ll stick a knife in my head"?

Neither do we.  But it may just work (although it’s probably not endorsed by the AMA).

A Chinese man apparently had a 4-inch knife lodged in his skull for the last four years.  He didn’t know it was there. 

What tipped him off?  Really bad headaches and then frequent bleeding from his mouth and ears (thus, the potential for extreme loss of appetite; it's working for me).

Of course, we wouldn’t be having fun with the subject matter if there weren’t a happy ending.  The doctors  X-rayed his head, discovered the knife and took it out without issue. 

Sure, it would have been even more dramatic had he sneezed it out.  But, perhaps just having a knife in your head for many years is dramatic enough.

Any clue where it came from?  He said it probably made its way when he was the victim of a robbery four years ago and just went undetected (as these things so often do).

By the way, my weight-loss plan continues to work (without the use of a knife).  I weighed in at 186.5 this morning which means I’ve dropped 18.5 lbs since Jan. 8.  My trainer Mike was really impressed with the results over the weekend and said he would show off my chart to his other clients.

“Portion control works,” Mike said.  “You’re proving it.”

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