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New year might mean changing your fitness routine. Here are two experts who can tell you how

January 02, 2011|By Mary Forgione, Tribune Health
(Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles…)

The new year is the perfect time to get out of your fitness rut -- especially if resolutions are on the line. These two workouts couldn't be more different: self-defense technique Krav Maga and ballroom dancing. Yet each offers a way to shape up and build skills. Here are two experts who can get you started.

Los Angeles Times staff writer Jeannine Stein will host a live Web chat Monday at 11 a.m. PST (1 p.m. CST, 2 p.m. EST) first with Darren Levine, a master of the Israeli combat technique Krav Maga, and then with ballroom dance instructor Peri Rogovin of 3rd Street Dance in L.A. Each will answer questions and give advice on their specialties.

Need more ideas? Stein has some thoughts in this Los Angeles Times article about how to put more fun into getting in shape.

And then there are those resolutions you've likely made. A Los Angeles Times article explains how to make sure you'll stick with your must-get-fit goals.

With all that inspiration in hand, come to the Web chat and learn more.

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