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'Bridalplasty': Makeover madness at its best -- or worst

January 04, 2011
(E! )

Reality TV shows need a reality check. Particularly those shows that project a healthy ideal (good self-esteem) in less-than-healthy ways (quickie plastic surgery).

The new TV show "Bridalplasty" on E! ups the ante by showing what amounts to bridal smackdowns for a new nose or breast implants. Columnist Nicole Brochu at the South Florida Sun Sentinel describes the show this way:

"These are 12 women starting out their new lives already hating themselves — so much that they will make utter fools of themselves on national television for the chance to slice up their bodies and faces, hoping it will earn them physical perfection. (It won't. They'll just look fake, not perfect, and everyone will know it — because they were on national television!)"

Wow, maybe those brides say "I do over" in their vows too.

Still, as Brochu says, the train wreck of "Bridalplasty" likely makes for good TV -- for some. Read the rest of the column here.

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