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NFL Bottom Ten: Top honors for Cleveland

With such leaders as Eric Mangini and Mike Holmgren, the team wins a share of the title.

January 05, 2011|By Steve Harvey
  • Eric Mangini is out as coach of the Cleveland Browns, who managed to sink to the top of the Bottom Ten by season's end.
Eric Mangini is out as coach of the Cleveland Browns, who managed to sink… (Frank Victores / US Presswire )

From the start, Cleveland Clowns Coach Eric Mangini made an impact on the team.

He fined one of his players $1,701 for not paying the $3 charge for a bottle of water on his hotel bill, the Associated Press reported. He fined other players for leaving their cars in the wrong parking spaces or because their cellphones rang during meetings.

Inspired by Mangini's brand of tough love, the Clowns posted a 10-22 record during his two-year reign, prompting team President Mike Holmgren to fire him this week.

Holmgren, who just finished his first year on the job, gave himself a ringing endorsement, however: "I was hired to be the president of the Cleveland Browns," he said. "I think this year I've grown into the job."

Yes, sir, especially over the last month when the Clowns lost their final four games to win a share of the Bottom Ten title. As expected, Carolina (2-14) won the Carolina Conference title.


Wreck (Record); Last Loss

1. Carolina (2-14); 10-31, Atlanta


Wreck (Record); Last Loss

1. Cleveland (5-11); 9-41, Pittsburgh

2. Arizona (5-11); 7-38, San Francisco

3. Buffalo (4-12); 7-38, N.Y. Jets

4. Cincinnati (4-12); 7-13, Baltimore

5. Denver (4-12); 28-33, San Diego

6. Washington (6-10); 7. Minnehaha (6-10); 8. Tennessee (6-10); 9. Miami (Fla.) (7-9); 10. Seattle (7-9).

Rout (and crummy game) of the weak: New Orleans (11-5) over Seattle (7-9).

Special citation: San Francisco posted the best preseason record (4-0) in the NFL. Who cares if the 49ers were 6-10 in the regular season?

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