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Letters: Going crazy over the Lakers

A Phil Jackson-Ron Artest confrontation? Criticism of Kobe Bryant? Just another week for the purple and gold (and white on Sundays).

January 07, 2011
  • Lakers forward Ron Artest talks strategy with Coach Phil Jackson during a timeout in a 99-95 victory over Phoenix.
Lakers forward Ron Artest talks strategy with Coach Phil Jackson during… (Mark J. Rebilas / US Presswire )

Bill Plaschke, for the thousandth time (at least), you're making a skyscraper out of a teepee. . . .

The sort of exchange you report that occurred between Ron Artest and Phil Jackson the other day also takes place hourly in every locker room of every team of every sport in the United States and abroad.

You and Ron both sound soap operatic. The player and his coach have already kissed and made up. So should you.

Clifford Burton

Santa Monica


This was always going to be the final result of choosing the unknown (Artest) over the known ( Trevor Ariza). I've always contended that because Ariza and Andrew Bynum had the same agent and the Lakers were still mad about being forced into giving Bynum his big contract before they really wanted, they cut ties with Ariza and rolled the dice with Artest. Here's hoping they wrote some protection into the contract, because there's absolutely no way this marriage goes full-term.

Charles L. Freeman

Baldwin Hills


Longtime Lakers fans are all too familiar with the lame excuses of Shaquille O'Neal regarding his notorious penchant for taking half a season off and for his atrocious free-throw percentage (I make them when they count, and, we win the important games).

Apparently, this "Shaq logic" has infected our current Lakers team. I guess embarrassing losses in December/January don't count in the standings, and, a win down the stretch in March/April counts as two victories.

If and when these Lakers decide to "flip-the-switch," and if and when they potentially meet the Boston Celtics (or Miami Heat or Orlando Magic) for the championship, these "meaningless" games/losses will have cost them home-court advantage in the 2-3-2 format.

Good luck!

Rick Solomon

Lake Balboa


Kobe is requesting help from the media to print critical stories of Lakers players in order to motivate them. Let me be the first to help.

Kobe, pass the ball.

Patrick Duff

Laguna Niguel


The public outcry always focuses on Kobe's offense — how many shots he's taking, how many are going in, etc. Meanwhile, the guy is building a one-man monument to ill-conceived double-teams and failed steal attempts that lead to open jumpers for the opponent. Kobe, you're not 26 any more. Stay home on your man.

Matthew Bilinsky

Beverly Hills


When I became a member of the Laker Nation years ago, I likened the relationship to that of a marriage. I had to take the team for better and for worse. Even though I have seen some of the worse lately, I don't think I need to make a call to a divorce attorney just yet.

Sharon Warzocha


Bowled over

Plaschke and other pundits wax poetic about "tiny TCU" and "wondrous moments that lighted up Pasadena darkness."

TCU has 8,799 undergrads and Notre Dame has 8,372 undergrads. Who would have thought it?

Chris MacDonald

San Clemente


What a refreshing ad in The Times on Jan. 3 by the Horned Frogs of TCU. They expressed their appreciation in a most appropriate and classy way with modesty.

I do not ever remember reading a "thank-you" from a Rose Bowl game participant. I've been an L.A. Times receiver since 1975. Did I miss one?

This made my day. Go Horned Frogs!

Jean Solomon

Los Angeles


In my 81 years as an avid college football fan, and an alumnus of three different Midwest and West Coast universities each of which is noted for its legendary football team, I have never read an analysis of a previous day's football game that came anywhere close, in terms of interest and analysis, to the articles that appear in Sunday's Times, authored by Chris Dufresne, Gary Klein, Ben Bolch and Bill Plaschke. Taken together, their articles to me are the most interesting, informative, incisive and well-written articles and analysis of a football game, the teams involved and the key players I have ever read.

Thomas A. Muntsinger

Long Beach


Gee, just wondering how that paragon of BCS righteousness and arrogance, Ohio State President Gordon Gee, enjoyed the Rose Bowl and his mighty Big Ten's 0-5 performance on New Year's Day. TCU and Boise State's bowl victories and the 5-0 success of the Mountain West in bowl games exposed to all the ignorance of Dr. Gee's comments on non-BCS schools' being invited to the national championship party. Might be a good time for Dr. Gee to apologize to America's little guys and focus on cleaning up his own cheatin' Buckeyes!

Gary Little

Long Beach


T.J.Simers was not alone in questioning the celebrity quotient of chef Paula Deen as grand marshal of this year's Rose Parade. If a well known "foodie" was what the committee was seeking, could there have been a better choice than The Times' own S. Irene Virbila?

Grace Nevell

Los Angeles


That Sunday column about the Rose Bowl, UCLA and hockey was hilarious. Who does T.J. Simers think he is, Jim Murray?

William Enright



Anyone else notice that ESPN has monopolized this year's college football bowl games?

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