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Thumbs up and down on Travel's Alcoholics Anonymous-related article; sober travel.

January 09, 2011

Thank you so much for publishing "Road to Recovery" by Kathy P. [Jan. 2]. I am a longtime member of Al-Anon and have also attended meetinsg in my travels. I appreciate her honest account of both the meetings and her use of the concepts taught in Alcoholics Anonymous. She is a great example of the adage that we may be anonymous, but are not invisible.

Stephanie D., Reseda

My compliments to Kathy P. for such a fine article about her cross-country road trip. As an almost 26-year member of AA myself, I can relate to everything she wrote about her experiences.

As I have heard in many meetings, there are no strangers in AA, only friends we haven't met yet. Thanks again for the great writing and capturing the essence of the experiences of a recovering alcoholic.

Roger E., Redlands, Calif.

Tradition clearly states that we need to maintain personal anonymity in the press, radio and films. Shame on you, Kathy P.

Eric Y., Santa Barbara

I appreciated "Road to Recovery." However, I am surprised the Travel section devoted more than 31/2 pages to a subject that affects only 4% of the U.S. population.

James Hansen, Hermosa Beach

It is extremely disturbing and offensive to see the Jan. 2 Travel section devoted to the promotion of the Alcoholics Anonymous' religious cult.

For the Los Angeles Times to promote this dangerous and insidious cult in such a manner is disturbing in the extreme. It would be appropriate for The Times to devote an equal amount of space to objective coverage of the harm caused by the Alcoholics Anonymous cult, and to legitimate options for those in or seeking sobriety.

Christopher John Smith, Atwater Village

Vacationing with the sober tribe

Great article on sober travel ["Getting Away — From Temptation" by Sarah Staples, Jan. 2].

I am blessed to have created a travel family with people who return to travel with me over and over again. With 35 years of continuous sobriety, I personally escort every trip. The 10th annual Halloween Gratitude Cruise on Allure of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, is Oct. 30-Nov. 6. We also have a Sober Sisters Weekend at Sea every January, and are going to Venice, Italy, the Greek Isles and Africa in 2011. You can read about these at

We need to stay sober all over the world, not just in places where alcohol is not served. We do this by traveling in a tribe.

Snow P., Gratitude Cruises, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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